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Velocitab v1.4.1 - Quality-of-life improvements


Velocitab 1.4.1 makes a few quality-of-life and stability improvements. It is compatible with the latest Minecraft version (1.20.1) as there were no packet mapping changes from 1.19.4.

  • Set 200ms as the minimum period between list update executions, courtesy of @ironboundred (#52)
  • Added a new placeholder: %role_display_name%, which will display the corresponding user's primary LuckPerms group's configure display name, if there is one (falling back to their group ID if not)
  • Added an option to configure the PAPIProxyBridge cache time (default is 30 seconds): papi_cache_time

To update, just drag+drop. If you wish to use the new papi_cache_time config option, you must regenerate your config file.


Velocitab-1.4.1.jar(1.49 MiB) Primary Download

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Licensed Apache-2.0
Published a year ago
Updated a month ago