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The perfect font for 1440p.

Back when my computer had a 1080p monitor, I made a heavily stylized 3x Font, due to issues with scaling up/down 32x/64x fonts.

In the process of studying Minecraft's font system, I found there were several stylistic choices made in Minecraft's default font (and thereby other vanilla-inspired fonts) that I didn't particularly like, so I took the liberty of changing them when I created 3x Font.

When I recently switched to a 1440p monitor (and thus GUI scale 4) I decided I'd repeat the process for GUI Scale 4. Behold: the 4x Font project.

Crisp and professional.

Comparison with Alternatives

4x Font: (this font)
{Zero72} in my own style.

{Zero72} in VanillaXBR's style.

Faithful 64x:
{Zero72} in Faithful's style.

Geometric Font:
{Zero72} in Geometric Font's style.


ASCII book.

As of Version 1, only basic ASCII has been completed. Future versions will include support for accented characters and nonlatin European characters. I also plan to implement the "replace SGA with English characters" modification just for fun.

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