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Better Furnaces Reforged Retextured

Better Furnaces Reforged Retextured


Introducing a refined resource pack specifically designed to modify the aesthetics of the Better Furnaces Reforced mod, aligning it more closely with the classic Vanilla Minecraft style. This resource pack is a part of our custom modpack, Landscapes Reimagined.

The Better Furnaces Reforged mod, which can be found here, provides enhanced furnace solutions for Minecraft. Our resource pack subtly alters the visual design of these furnaces, ensuring they seamlessly blend with the traditional Minecraft environment.

The resource pack is a component of Landscapes Reimagined, our custom modpack that redefines the Minecraft experience. You can explore Landscapes Reimagined further at here.

Our goal is to provide a harmonious blend of new features and the beloved Vanilla Minecraft aesthetics. We invite you to experience this unique combination with our Landscapes Reimagined modpack.

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