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What is a "Choat?"

It's a boat with a chest in it. This pack changes all occurances of "Boat with Chest" to "Choat". That's literally all it does.

What languages does this support?

  • English
    • US
    • GB
    • CA
    • AU
    • NZ
  • Pirate Speak
  • Shakespearean English
  • Upside Down

If you want to contribute a translation or anything, DM me on Twitter (link on my site)

Can I use/modify/whatever with this?

You can modify/add whatever you want to this for personal use. I'm not really able to moderate what you do. However, do not reupload this anywhere else. I don't want 1000 versions of this same pack around (cause that's just annoying!) so if you want to improve this pack, let me know! I will credit whoever contributes to this!

You are free to include this as part of a larger pack as long as you link back here. (A simple "This pack includes elements from" will do!)

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