⚠️ please note - the pack is under development and does not replace all textures at the moment ⚠️



In this resource paсk I try to create a magical fantasy atmosphere with warm vibes. One of my main goals was to preserve the harmony of colors and material combinations of the game - that is what 99% of the HD packs lose.

There is no place for boring photo textures. Everything is done from scratch.
The main style is a mixture of detailing and stylization in the spirit of fantasy.

And all this together with the fact that you do not need Optifine at all! Use Iris and enjoy!

This resource pack is designed specifically for LabPBR - there is parallax, normal maps and speculars.


First of all I want to note that this pack is designed specifically for playing with shaders! Without them everything will look more flat. It will still look pretty good though. But in case you really want to play without shaders - I can advise you to at least use VanillAA shader pack. It does a good job of smoothing out the hellish graininess. Any SEUS shaders are not recommended at all! They will not work! For the best performance and balance I recommend Complementary Reimagined, BSL. For best graphics and powerful computers KAPPA or Nostalgia/NostalgiaVX. I suggest not to forget to adjust the parallax depth to your liking.

There's a free 64x version available for download here, if you're interested in supporting development of this complex project, and getting access to 128x - 512x versions, you can join my Buy Me A Coffee or Patreon. Enjoy!

It is forbidden to republish resource pack files. If you want to create a post about this resource pack - put the original link to patreon/discord/modrinth/curseforge. Respect the work of others and you will get respect in return ❤️

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