You looked at the Moon and you thought: "why isn't it also a cube?"
Well, if it is your case, this Resource Pack is perfect for you! It recreates the Minecraft Moon and Sun in 3D!


  • Cubic Moon texture with 8 phases.
  • Cubic Sun texture.
  • Cubic Overworld texture. (23w13a_or_b)
  • Mod Support. (Experimental)

How to download

  1. Download the Featured Version.
  2. Open Minecraft and go to Options > Resource Packs > Open Pack Folder.
  3. Copy/Cut and Paste the file downloaded there.
  4. Active the Resource Pack.

Note: If it appear as Incompatible, don't hurry, it must work in 1.6.1 or above.

Mod Support (Experimental)

This resource pack also offers support for mods and snapshots which add sky features, such as planets and moons. Mod support is still experimental, so it might change in the future.

Mod/Snapshot Type of Support
23w13a_or_b Full
Ad Astra Full
Galacticraft Partial


Does it work with shaders?

Depends in the shader, if it changes the Sun and Moon texture it won't work. For example, it works with BSL Shaders and Complementary Shaders.

Can I make a post/video about it on social medias?

Yes, if you give me the credits including a direct link to this page. Please do not distribute modified versions.


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Enjoy! :)

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