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Foliage+ makes Minecraft foliage like grass, leaves, ferns, etc. look more admirable and realistic. It also comes with many add-ons for you to customize how your Foliage+ will look like. Foliage+ is inspired by the many Minecraft resource packs out there.

Also, Foliage+ is compatible with most of the other packs, so have fun using Foliage+ with your favorite resource pack. :)


Q: It's so laggy, help!!

A: Foliage+ Lite is your great choice!

Q: Any tweaks? I want the world to be "alive."

A: Foliage+ Tweaks is here to provide more features to the game, making Minecraft a whole lot more alive!

Mods Support

A pack with these mod supports can be downloaded here.

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Protected under a "NaiNonTheN00b1's ToU [Class II]"


Thank you to these guys for the inspiration!

Specially, thank you to Blockbench for the Modeling software!

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