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Since Pixel Perfection by XSsheep got abandoned and left unfinished in the development of 1.13 did I took it to myself to update

this Resourcepack is fully working for 1.20.5

It has nearly all textures to date covered to grand an experience that is still close to the original Pixel Perfection from XSSheep I really tried to stay close to the original art style The Texturepack is best enjoyed with Entity Model Features and Entity Texture Features Emissive textures Random Entities Connected Texture Mod support Custom Entity Models support

THIS IS A FANUPDATE this is only a fan update and moust textures are done by the great XSSheep, I just tried to fill in the missing textures that where missing since the project got abandoned last year. Permission is given here: The The Original Resourcepack Webside under "use of these textures":

"Feel free to use these textures in any mixpack, project, game or whatever you want (paid or unpaid). However, I'd appreciate it if I was credited for all the hard work I've put into these textures.

Pixel Perfection by XSSheep is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 4.0 International License."

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Licensed CC-BY-4.0
Published 3 months ago
Updated a month ago