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Changelog will be released at a later time - you'll see why soon :)

While resource packs usually change the entire look of the game, Steven‘s Traditional
tries to stay more close to the original look and feel of the default
Minecraft textures while adding a personal touch to
most textures for a unique experience.

Steven's Traditional is a 64 x 64 resource pack which aims to stay relatively close to Mojang's look and feel of the Default resource pack present in Minecraft while adding a personal touch to most textures to create an unique experience without too drastically changing every block or item.

Not deriving too far from the colors and textures also allows you to easily adapt to this resource pack without the hassle of builds suddenly looking weird because they were originally built with the Default block textures or look in mind.

So if you are still looking for a Default like resource pack thats a bit different from mojang's artstyle while not feeling too far from home then give this one a try!

I hope you will enjoy playing with it!
PS: If you're asking me what shader fits this resource pack well, try Complementary Reimagined

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a new update releases or when there are any announcements?

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• Or want to send some images of your building projects while using the resource pack?

If your answer was yes to any of these questions then feel free to join the official Steven's Traditional discord server! You can easily join the Discord by clicking on the Button below!

⮞ SkootleSkittle for the beautiful Character Artwork presented in the Main Banner
When you are looking to commission someone to draw Art for you, look no further but here!
[ SkootleSkittle's Carrd ]

⮞ Kristoffer Zetterstrand for the original Minecraft Paintings
If you want to know more about his paintings I recommend visiting his website!
[ Kristoffer Zetterstand's personal Website ]

⮞ Affinite for allowing me to reuse some of his textures
You can (still) check out his abandoned Minecraft Forums thread below!
[ Affinite's Faithful MCForums Thread ]
[ Permission / PMs Proof can be found here ]

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