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ST ⟡ 1.20.1 UPDATE

  • Added decorated pot textures

( Forgot these in the 1.20 update, oops )

  • Updated furnace block to fit updated textures
  • Updated all tinted glass textures and colors

( Also made yellow a lot more bearable )

  • Improved oak leaves texture
  • Fixed jungle biome tint

( Blue grass and foliage color )

Copy and pasted message from discord announcement:

  • Very busy currently - no changelog for now - will make one soon
  • COMPLETELY redid all Interfaces to return back to the good old blue boxes - textured background style
  • Added custom core shaders to further enhance the resource pack

Please try it out and give some comment or report any bugs you may find! Other than that go ahead and enjoy the new Armor trims and all other new content, have fun!

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