Unofficial translations for the mod Sodium.


By submitting translations, you are agreeing to have them licensed under the Creative Commons Zero (CC0) license.

You can contribute to the translation effort on our Crowdin project page! First you'll need to register a Crowdin account if you haven't already. Translators are able to translate (submit a translation for an untranslated phrase), suggest (propose a better translation compared to an existing one), or vote (vote up or down the quality of a translation).

For more information on using Crowdin, please see their "Intro For Volunteer Translators" support page.


Can I include this in my Modrinth/CurseForge/packwiz/whatever modpack?

Yes! Everyone can do it, don't need any special permission.

Current translation is wrong or I don't know how to translate it

Please open an issue on the phrase.

My language is not listed or I want to become a proofreader

Please request it on Crowdin Discussions.

Will you translate Sodium into minority or fictional languages?

Currently this project will not include fictional (e.g. Esperanto), "joke" (e.g. LOLCAT) or minority languages (speakers less than 1 million or insufficient translations in official Minecraft project). The reason is simple - these languages are easy to abuse and hard to proofread.

Where can I find the original language file?

At the moment, 1.19.4/stable branch en_us.json is used. Some strings may be appended from the equivalent dev branch file.

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