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VanillaXBR - 1.17



Here we have the full release of VanillaXBR for 1.17! In order to keep as faithful as I can to the base textures, I only start working on newer versions once the pre-releases start rolling out. So it has been quite the job to get this done. I have worked tirelessly to make the most polished release yet, and I feel it delivers! Please spend some time admiring every new texture in the game if you can.

I've also redone the entirety of the UI. This includes the Inventory and the hotbar. In addition to that, I've also added a new panorama! And in addition to even that, I'm trying out a new format for showing off these updates, and that's in video form! If you don't want to read all of this (as I'm sure you don't), you can view this video here. I will be making these for every update released from now on, so please enjoy them.

Full list of updates
-new panorama! thanks to Stridey on PMC for the recreated map and LudoCrypt for the panorama mod.
-redone every UI element
-made spyglass UI more accurate
-tweaked/fixed elyra model texture
-redone rail textures
-removed optifine connected tinted glass (for now, it was ugly)
-aliased bucketed axolotl texture
-tweaked spruce_trapdoor

-tweaked lava bucket texture
-removed 'footprint' particle
-fixed sculk sensor vibration texture missing
-tweaked cow eyes & texture
-redone some loom textures
-tweaked golden apple texture
-tweaked blaze powder texture
-updated advancement background textures
-redone hotbar UI
-tweaked saddle texture
-tweaekd encahntment table texture
-tweaked bottle textures
-tweaked spruce door
-redone torch and soul torch

-added and tweaked all 1.17 textures!-
-tweaked sea pickle texture
-redone dry farmland texture
-tweaked iron bars
-redone flame and soul flame particles

-redone lava bucket
-updated siamese cat
-tweaked all bucket textures
-tweaked item frame texture
-added sweep particle effect
-redone item frame texture
-tweaked tripwire hook
-redone all scaffolding textures


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