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It's Caves & Cliffs Part 2! Although the update itself is pretty massive, there aren't too many additions texture-wise. Some quality-of-life stuff, one music disc and that's it. In regards to that entity update that I mentioned last time, I'm still working on it. The Cow, Bee, Polar Bear, and Hoglin will be revamped today, but the others will wait until next time. Beds have also been improved. Included in this update is also a custom panorama! The differences are minor, but they are there. Please enjoy the update video and the update itself. Enjoy!

Full list of updates
-redone all Bed textures
-tweaked all Cow textures
-redone Polar Bear texture
-redone Bee texture
-tweaked Ghast texture
-tweaked Zombified Hoglin texture

-custom Panorama
-tweaked seed textures
-tweaked and fixed several textures updated for 1.18
-redo villager rank textures
-tweaked iron trapdoor
-redone comparator texture
-tweaked cave vine textures
-redone campfire item textures
-tweaked UI a bit
-redone all music discs
-tweaked shulker shell item
-tweaked command block minecart texture
-tweaked repeater and comparator tip
-tweaked polished granite, andersite and diorite
-fixed cartographer monicle
-redone all bed textures


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