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VanillaXBR - 1.19.4


Hi! VanillaXBR has been updated to the full release of 1.19.4. This means that this version will include:

  • 70% compatibility with 1.20 (coming very soon)
  • Fixed mipmapping; textures will look better at a distance.
  • Removed small text on pack.png
  • Various small tweaks
  • Added all 1.20 experimental textures
    • incl. armour trims, that are 1.20 ready.

You may have been anticipating a 1.20 release. As they've both been worked on in parallel, most of it is ready and will be completely finished in a week or two! Thank you for your patience.

If interested please join the Discord, where you'll be able to see the progress tracker, sneak peeks and a direct line of communication to me if you have any questions. Believe me; the future's exciting!

Full list of updates
-added all 1.19.4 textures
-removed text from pack.png
-fixed mipmapping issues!
-tweaked Sheep texture
-tweaked Bamboo Stem texture
-redone Fletching Table textures
-Rooted Dirt tiles properly
-tweaked Warped_roots
-Removed duplicate sculk_catalust_side_bloom and reinforced_deepslate_alt textures
-tweaked and improved drip particle textures
-tweaked beehive_front_honey texture
-tweaked brown_mushroom texture
-remade Sand texture
-remade Gravel texture
-tweaked Rocket item texture
-Set rooted dirt to not tile


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