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After 6 months of steady development of about 2000 lines of code added and 4000 modified, the r5.2 update for Complementary is here and it's the new record holder for the biggest update a Complementary pack ever received.

The key feature of this update is the introduction of "Advanced Colored Lighting". Using the power of Iris, we can finally have a colored lighting implementation in Minecraft shaders without getting the critical flaws seen in most others. Massive thanks to sixthsurge for the help.

This update also includes the addition of Colored Light Fog, shader-side Connected Glass, support for Minecraft 1.21, new sandstorm/snowstorm inspired weathers, support for Distant Horizons, and about 80 other things which can be found in the full list of changes at

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Published 2 years ago
Updated 19 days ago