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MakeUp v8.x

MakeUp Ultra Fast

MakeUp aims to provide the best quality / performance ratio, building a shader that can be adapted to anyone's resources. Build the shader you want! All the effects are optional!, and you will only consume the resources that you need.

¡Compatible with Optifine and Iris!

Optional features:

  • Shadows
  • Optional volumetric clouds
  • Antialiasing (TAA)
  • Depth of field
  • Enhanced ambient occlusion
  • Water reflection and refraction
  • Motion blur
  • Optional bloom
  • Optional chromatic aberration
  • Auto-exposure
  • Shader for all native dimensions
  • FAST!
  • And more...

Tested on

  • Minecraft 1.12.+ - 1.18.x
  • Nvidia, Intel, AMD (It's not guaranteed to work on each and every existing model)
  • Windows and Linux

You can

Color schemes

It can be boring that everything looks the same all the time. Choose a color scheme according to your tastes and change it whenever you want.


Leave Optifine's native shader options at their default values, otherwise you may see shader quality reduced. Customize using only the options of the shader itself.

Shadows and depth of field are resource-intensive effects. You can remove them if you need more performance, and it will still look great.


If you think this work deserves a small stipend, please donate! I will be eternally grateful to you:

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