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  • Changing luminosity due to the lunar phase is now optional.
  • Small color changes in the sky and lighting in the default color scheme.


  • Adjusted the way the glow of metal objects is generated and added missing metal objects.
  • Fixed a typo of the word "strength" throughout all code and translations (thanks to artelidiot).
  • Adjusted the DOF focus speed to work better in normal gameplay (with the latest versions of Iris the object in the hand no longer causes problems).


  • Fixed extreme darkness in New Moon


  • Configurable night vision tint (thanks to Alex Wauck)
  • The lighting varies depending on the moon phase ((thanks to Alex Wauck)


  • Added support for movement due to wind for new blocks in version 1.20.x
  • Fixed the "Invalid program" error in Optifine introduced in last version.
  • Fixed an issue with fog on entities.


  • Fixed an issue with the reflection of translucent blocks under caves.
  • Fog can be disabled.


  • Fixed a problem with autoexposure calculation.
  • Now the shader is compatible with the alphanumeric indicators of the Create mod, and surely with other mods that do a similar drawing of elements. It can also fix some other rare issues with the drawing of certain elements that were invisible.


  • Better support for the sky and elements of The Twilight Forest (Fabric version only, in Minecraft 1.16.4 or higher, Forge/Optifine is not supported).

  • The change in the drawing of the sky can benefit other mods that draw it in an unusual way.

  • The minimum shader for unknown dimensions is now enabled by default.

  • You can now manually choose the colors of the color theme from the configuration interface (Thanks to Arkdirfe).

  • Minor adjustments have been made to the clouds and tone map.

  • Notes are added to make it easier for those who want to extend or modify MakeUp.

This version works with Iris 1.5.1+

This version is recommended for use with Iris versions prior to 1.5.1.

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