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Rethinking Voxels

This shader is an edit of Complementary Reimagined that aims to be decently fast (when compared to path tracing shaders) while having block lights cast sharp shadows.


The lighting system is not perfect. Occasional sudden brightness changes are a side-effect of the way it works and cannot be completely removed without hurting performance or removing sharp shadows from light sources. To do the latter, disable Per-Pixel Lighting in the Rethinking Voxels Settings.

This shader is developed on Iris, using an AMD graphics card on linux, and it is also tested on an NVidia graphics card on linux. While it usually works on other platforms, bugs that appear only there are not caught by my testing and hence they take longer to fix. To use this shader pack, the Iris shader loader is required. Beta 18d and older versions also work on OptiFine.


If you need support, please join the shaderLabs discord server, where this shader has a channel (#rethinking-voxels-gri573).


I have entered a partnership with Ember, a Minecraft server hosting provider. This is because Ember hosts the complementary SMP server and has provided a better hosting experience / customer support than the previous hosting service, and because they reached out asking about it. If you need to host a Minecraft server and wish to support Rethinking Voxels' development at the same time, do check them out! Using the promotional code RETHINKING in a first-time purchase will redirect 50% of the first month's fee to me as well as give you a 10% discount.

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Video by youtube user iambeen that showcases rethinking voxels beta 18d (with custom settings), compared to the original reimagined:

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