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  • updated to reimagined r2.0.3
  • fix volumetric block light
  • fix light shafts in caves when moving across block boundaries
  • fix compile error with generated normals
  • fix normals on entities with half-res blocklight shadow mode
  • fix GI flickering in some cases
  • update to reimagined r2.0.2
  • attempt to rebalance a couple of things including GI (not done yet)
  • fix light colour detection
  • fix M1 crash
  • add more modded light sources
  • address some more issues with GI
  • fix hard edges in lighting on non-block-grid-aligned surfaces with GI enabled
  • fix compile error in gbuffers_block with block light shadow modes other than half-res
  • fix compile errors
    • with per-pixel shadows
    • without light shafts
  • add global illumination
  • fix trapdoors sometimes blocking light when they shouldn't
  • Fix Half-Res blocklight shadows on block entities
  • Fix Half-Res blocklight shadows with pixelated shadows
  • rename Pixel Perfect Blocklight option to Blocklight Shadow Mode
  • add Half Res blocklight shadow mode
  • fix flashing when moving the camera very fast
  • fix ladder and repeater/comparator cuboid size
  • add block.properties entry for modded light sources that uses the fallback blocklight colour
  • improve wrong-looking shadows at noon
  • fix compile error on some platforms
  • add more modded light sources
  • reworked light source sorting algorithm (less flickering, better performance)
  • added some modded light sources
  • fixed end nebulae
  • Tweak interactive water waves
  • Fix flickering and low performance on some platforms
  • Interactive water waves
  • more aggressive TAA
  • fix some cases of incorrect VL in caves
  • fix instant light propagation being impossible to turn on
  • rename Advanced Light Propagation to Light Propagation Mode
  • add primed TNT and TNT minecart to light sources
  • entity light sources have more accurate positions
  • lights can update instantly with advanced light propagation mode (enable in shader settings -> voxelisation settings -> voxel-related performance settings. Not supported on MacOS, older graphics cards and optifine)
  • fix some compile errors
  • fix some overly aggressive workarounds (cave sunlight fix, occlusion bleeding fix)
  • better support for modded blocks
  • add volumetric blocklight smoothing
  • fix volumetric blocklight with advanced light propagation
  • fixes related to subsurface scattering
  • internal preparations for new features
  • Rework sun shadows
  • fixes
  • the ray tracer now respects offsets of cross model blocks
  • added distance field acceleration to ray tracing (only enabled with pixel perfect sun shadows)
  • fixed several cases of blocklight flickering

Initial Modrinth version, based on commit 92f32f38.

Changes compared to beta8 (on complementary discord server):

  • fixed black lines in block light with advanced light propagation, without pixel perfect shadows.
  • fixed (unintentionally) glowing entities.
  • added translucent light tint slider.