Snowimagined Shaders

A Complementary Reimagined edit

What is Snowimagined Shaders?

  • Snowimagined Shaders, by SpacEagle17 and isuewo, is an edit of EminGT's Complementary Reimagined Shaders. It transforms your game into a beautiful winter wonderland. Click on "Gallery" at the top of the page to see screenshots.


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  • Snow works on all blocks including block entities like chests or player heads and translucent blocks like stained glass or ice
  • Emission of emissive blocks is reduced if snow is on top
  • Transparency of translucent blocks is reduced when snow is on top
  • Snow doesn't generate if near a light source or if under blocks (it still generates below blocks like glass, unfortunately not fixable)
  • The resolution or noise size can be configured. Options are 16x, 32x, 64x and 128x. Default is 16x
  • An option to change the snow noise intensity exists which makes the noise more or less apparent
  • Snow has Integrated PBR properties, light can reflect on it
  • On the sides of mycelium, path and grass blocks snow is also with a gradient generated
  • The user can change the transparency of the snow in the settings
  • The melting radius around light sources can be changed
  • Snow desaturates the colors of the environment by a configurable amount

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