Solas is a new Minecraft Java Edition shaderpack which aims to provide stunning visuals at a low performance cost. It was originally intended to serve as Prismarine Shader's successor. Please check the "images" section to see some screenshots showcasing the shader's visual style and general look.

Unique Technologies

Solas is probably the first shaderpack to finally achieve the goal of super fast per-block colored lighting and light bouncing in Minecraft. Both are done with bloom which costs little performance while maintaining good visual appearance.

Most other shaderpacks with 3D volumetric clouds have a problem of them leaking into closed spaces like caves or mountains. Solas fixes that problem by toggling a cloud shadow check in cases when a closed space is detected, thus essentially turning volumetric clouds into volumetric light. Another problem a lot of shaderpacks have is shadow light leaking and peter panning which is not present in Solas.

Key Features

  • 3D volumetric clouds and light rays.
  • Water, atmospheric and border fog.
  • Fast colored lighting and global illumination.
  • Screen Space Path Tracing (disabled by default).
  • Fancy sky effects: aurora borealis, Milky Way, ender nebula, ender vortex and more.
  • Cinematic post effects: bloom, chromatic aberration, depth of field, adjustable and flexible tonemap, TAA, FXAA.
  • Integrated PBR resourcepack with custom emissive and reflective blocks.
  • Advanced lighting model: vanilla & custom ambient occlusion, variable penumbra shadows.
  • Many customizable options with their proper translations to English, Russian, Chinese, French and Spanish languages.

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