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[This mod uses: Fabric Mod Loader & Fabric API]

As of Minecraft 1.19.4, this mod requires 1.20 EXPERIMENTAL FEATURES enabled.


This mod was developed in conjunction with two of my other mods: Progressive Archery and SASSOT. They were developed to synergise with each other, so I highly recommend checking out those mods as well!

A typical day in Armor Restitched

Armor Restitched is a mod that aims to extend on Minecraft armor and damage intake mechanics, such that aspects I now see as outdated is kept up to date with newer trends of the game.

Armor Restitched:

  • Adds new sets of armour.
  • Tweaks armour-damage mechanics, and changes armour attributes.
  • Adds fabric blocks and ingredients.
  • Expands on Armor Trims with additional functions.
  • Allows additional mobs to equip armour.
  • Adds new advancements.

New Armour:

Have you ever felt that the rush to obtain iron armour is both too predictable and not too worth it? That leather armour, the presumed first armour of the game, is too tedious to obtain when cows and leather are already precious in the early game? If you have, consider the below new additions as your first choice of armour instead. Gone are the days where you risk your first days of a new World to get enough iron, only to die frustratingly in a cave.

  • Copper Armour -- reduces lightning damage.
  • Cotton Armour
  • Fur Armour
  • Linen Armour
  • Silk Armour
  • Wool Armour
  • Paper Armour

New Armour

Changes in Armour Mechanics:

Various changes in armour mechanics have been made, including:

  • Armour Points: Vanilla and modded armour items now have updated armour point values. Armour is now able to fully absorb incoming damage, and each armour point absorbs more damage.
  • Armour Toughness: Metal armour now have increased armour toughness values.
  • Knockback Resistance: Metal armour now have increased knockback resistance values.
  • Protection Enchantments: Protection Enchantments now reduce more damage, with a full Protection IV set reducing damage by 70%. Protection and Projectile Protection are now compatible with other Protection Enchantments, to a maximum of reduction by 90%. Blast and Fire Protections remain mutually exclusive.
  • Elytra: Elytra now provide +1 armour point, and can be enchanted with Protection Enchantments.
  • Thorns: Thorns is now an exclusive Treasure Enchantment for the Chestplate, and its thorns damage is scaled by the incoming damage.
  • Swift Sneak: Swift Sneak is now available from Librarian Villager trades.
  • Frost Walker: now extinguishes fire, cools lava, and also works when riding a vehicle.

In addition, two new Treasure Enchantments are added:

  • Impact Protection: a Helmet enchantment that reduces damage from wall collisions & falling anvils/stalactites.
  • Soaring: an Elytra enchantment not obtainable from Librarian Villager trading. Increases the speed of Elytra flight, scaled by level. Obtainable either from specific loot chests, or from a special crafting recipe involving the Elytra and two other ingredients. See if you can find this special recipe!

Fabric Blocks & Items:

Adding more means to obtain armour in the early game, the following fabrics are added:

  • Cotton: farmed from seeds from wild Cotton plants found in Jungle biomes. Requires Scutcher to turn into blocks.
  • Fur: dropped by certain mobs upon death.
  • Linen: farmed from seeds from wild Flax plants found in temperate biomes. Requires Scutcher to turn into Linen.
  • Silk: obtained by boiling Silkworm cocoons with a campfire-heated cauldron. Silkworm cocoons are found in mulberry trees, which can be found in the Dark Forest biome. Silk Moths hatch from the cocoons under low light levels, and can lay new eggs/silkworms onto mulberry tree leaves.

Mulberry Trees & Silk Moths   As wool-like blocks, all fabrics behave almost identically to wool blocks and their carpet derivations.

Scutchers are a custom block that are used to scutch flax stems and cotton into usable ingredients. The ingredients, in turn, can be used to craft either armour or String.

Armour Trim Expansion:

Armour Trims now have functions in addition to cosmetics. Each function may be specific to each armour slot, number of trims equipped, or amount of received damage.

  • Amethyst: Upon receiving damage, a chime of amethyst rings out. The wearer is given a brief spurt of regeneration, alongside nearby friendly entities. Hostile mobs are entranced by the chime, and will briefly stop attacking.
  • Copper: Upon being struck by lightning, damage from the lightning is reduced. The wearer becomes then charged, during which the wearer receives some positive status effects based on lightning strength and number of equipped copper trims.
  • Diamond: Boosts the armour toughness of the trimmed item.
  • Emerald: Amplifies the effect of villager reputation modifiers.
  • Gold: Boosts the enchantability of the trimmed item.
  • Iron: When the trimmed item receives durability damage, there is an additional 25% chance that it will not take the damage.
  • Lapis: Boosts amount of Experience gained per Experience Orb, reduces Experience cost of Mending.
  • Netherite: Boosts the knockback resistance of the trimmed item. If the trimmed item burns, the Netherite scraps are returned.
  • Quartz: While the wearer is under a sky light level of 7 or lower, the wearer receives a slot-specific positive status effect.
  • Redstone: Boosts duration of any applied status effect. When in contact with either emitted or strong redstone power, the wearer receives a slot-specific positive status effect.    In addition to armour, Elytra can now be trimmed. Elytra receive additional boosts to its Armour and Armour Toughness points. Custom Elytra trim designs are also given:

Elytra Trims

Villager Features


The Dresser is a new villager profession that specialises in dealing with Cotton and Linen. In addition to new trades, they also have a chance to dress a fellow Villager in Cotton or Linen armour when they interact. A villager may be claim a Scutcher block to become a Dresser.

aDress the Sheep in the Room

Leatherworker & Shepherd:

Leatherworkers and Shepherds have their trades modified in accordance with the mod. Leatherworkers deal with Leather and Fur, while Shepherds deal with Wool and Silk. In addition to their trades, they also have a chance to dress a fellow Villager in their respective specialised clothing.


Armourers have their trades modified in accordance with the mod. They may also equip a fellow Villager in armour with material matching their level.

Equipping Armour: Players may also actively equip Villagers with armour.

When the Village is Well-Dressed

Mob & Other Features:

  • Zombies, Skeletons, and other Mobs are now equipped with armour differently from vanilla, scaled by World and Local Difficulties.
  • Illagers also now wear armour.
  • Lightning now deals much more damage, but with random noise.
  • Horse armour armour points have been tweaked, and may now be equipped on Skeleton Horses & Zombie Horses.
  • And many more!   Jesus Horse?

There are many other features not laid out above. Helpful (spoilers!) screenshots are in the Gallery. Try the mod yourself to fully experience all the new features!

There are mobs outside, dress for the occasion. -- SolipIngen


  • Backporting to older versions of Minecraft is not supported. This mod will stay up to date with the most recent Minecraft release version (until project termination).
  • Porting to Forge is not supported. If you would like to port this mod to Forge, please let me know, and feel free to fork off this project.
  • Content-related feedback should be made in the Comments section below.
  • Technical code-related issues should be made in the source Github repository.
  • This mod is licenced under the MIT License, so all I ask of you, should you modify the mod yourself, is to give due credit back to this page and/or Github repository, and to follow common sense in using/modifying/distributing this mod.

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