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A cave expansion mod that add several new mobs and blocks.

āš ļø Currently in alpha for feedback, with lots of new additions on the horizon!

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The Strow

A new mob joins the darkness...

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Meet the Strow

strow overview


This stone-like creature sits still in darkness, its eyes glowing in the presence of a player.
When active, you hear the sound of its persistent gaze, and it's careful to only make moves when you're not looking.


The strow has a deep varient, a more territoial creature. It wont attack unless it finds a good reason to.

Damage and attacking

Damaging the stoney bird isn't as simple as it seems, as anything but a pickaxe doesn't seem to phase it.
Be careful though, as staring into its eyes sends chills up your spine... you've been petrified!


Both strows drop strow essence, a new crafting material that can be used in

coming sooon šŸ‘€


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Dying with the petrified effect turns you into a statue!
The statue contains all of your items and xp on death, and destroying it will drop them back on the ground


Currently, the petrified effect is given by staring at the strow, but it will be brewable in the future šŸ‘€

Future Goals

  • expand current features already in the mod
  • introduce new and interesting creatures to the caves
  • freshen up the experience when cave diving šŸ‘€

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