DirectionHUD (FABRIC)

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DirectionHUD is a fully customizable Minecraft Fabric mod that enhances the vanilla experience. With the mod, you can save coordinates, track other players, see death locations, all with full customization to the HUD and Destination commands.

Where does the mod work? - DirectionHUD both works on client and server, but for now the client side only supports single player. With anything that can change with time.
Why is it coded like a plugin? - DirectionHUD is a port of one of my old private plugins; it might be ported back to spigot later on.


Press H to toggle the hud.

HUD Customization

Ever wanted everything to be RGB?
Toggle and sort HUD modules to your liking, change the colors and style.
hud customization

Saving Coordinates

Tired of writing down base locations?
Save, set, convert, and edit coordinates easily using the chat UI.
dest saving


Having trouble hunting down keeping up with your friends?
Send a tracking request and start your adventures!
dest tracking

Death Saving

Which cave did i die in...
See your last deaths in each dimension.

Destination Customization

Toggle destination settings, like auto clearing and particles.
adaptive dest dest customization

Config Settings

Set config settings to set defaults when running on server, or use ModMenu & YetAnotherConfigLib when on client.
/directionhud defaults also works on the client - Set defaults to your current settings with one click!

Future Goals

  • Spigot port (Coming soon...)
  • Back porting
  • More UI options
    • Custom client UI: Straying away from the plugin feel for client users.
    • Server inventory UI: Chat scrolling too fast? Want that classic inventory UI feel?

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Technical information

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Server side
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