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Sit! is a minecraft mod that adds sitting in vanilla minecraft. Sit on stairs, slabs, carpets by default, and sit on everything else using the config! You can also customize hand restrictions to stop accidentally sitting down! The mod also has full Geyser support! Enjoy sitting with everyone, weather they are on Bedrock or Java!

Where to install?

Sit! works on the server (singleplayer included), also with support for clients that join in to use their own settings to sit.

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Hand Restrictions

Don't want to accidentally sit down? Set custom restrictions for each hand in the config!

  • Per player hand restrictions when connecting to a Sit! server on a Sit! Client!

hand restrictions

Custom Blocks

Want to sit on EVERY block? With the config you can add more options to sit on! Custom block states are also supported.

custom blocks

Customizable Config

Configure to your hearts desire with the in-game config with ModMenu & YetAnotherConfigLib, or use the provided config file for servers!

config custom blocks config

Future Goals

  • Forge Port (probably NeoForge 1.21)
  • Custom dismounting logic
  • better config (coming soon!)
  • keybindings (next update)

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Technical information

Client side
Server side
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