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Chest Tracker

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A client-sided storage system. Press Y to search for items, and the GRAVE key ` to open the GUI.

An example image of Chest Tracker highlighting results, and showing names above chests

The main Chest Tracker GUI

A GIF recording on the inventory button to access the Chest Tracker GUI. Can now be moved around by users.

Other Images

πŸ“₯ Requirements (2.x) (β‰₯ 1.20.2)

Chest Tracker embeds Where Is It, JackFredLib and Searchables.

🚧 Requirements (1.x) (< 1.20.2)

Note: 1.x won't be recieving any new updates.

⭐ Features

  • Saving of items on the client, allowing it to work on Realms and multiplayer servers.
  • Displays custom names of containers in the world (can be disabled under the Memory Bank Settings).
  • Integration with:
  • Custom handling for:
    • Hypixel Skyblock (private island + ender chest).
    • Hypixel SMP

πŸ“– Usage

Press Y to search by an Item Stack; this uses Where Is It's keybind.

Press GRAVE [ ` ] to open the main GUI. In the GUI, click an item to search for it in your current dimension. Use the search bar and it's various filters to narrow down your search.

For more details on using the mod, see the wiki.

🌍 Translations

Chest Tracker 2.0 is available on Crowdin. All languages are accepted; DM me on Crowdin to add yours if needed.

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