Crunchy Crunchy Advancements

Crunchy Crunchy Advancements


No more advancements! Removes, Hides, and configurably takes a bite out of the advancements system, without breaking mods.

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Created10 months ago
Updated8 months ago


This mod:

  • Removes the advancements button on the pause screen.
  • Disables toast notifications for advancements and recipe unlocks.
  • Prevents chat announcements for advancements.
  • Prevents recipe advancements from loading.
  • Is fully configurable, including removing advancements by path or namespace.
  • [currently unimplemented - waiting on QSL] Disables the advancements screen keybind.

We heartily recommend EMI as a replacement for the recipe book system.
NoRecipeBook is also a good addition to remove the button.

This mod was made with thanks to MinimalMenu, SomeOrdinaryTweaks, and especially Yttr for references.

Design and Future plans

Some mods, like Patchouli, rely on the advancements system to track their progression. This means gutting advancements in the wrong way can cause major issues.

However, advancements and their visibility just doesn't suit every pack and player - so this mod is designed to configurably hide and remove advancements as much as it is safe to.

We use this mod for our pack Tinkerer's Quilt!, which is packed with quests that replace the vanilla advancement system.

Further Info

All modding projects are built on the work of many others before them.

We're primarily modpack developers - not mod developers! If you want to port this mod, do it yourself!

Feel free to let us know if you think we can spruce anything in the implementation side - PRs and issues with code snippets are welcome - as long as you have the time to help us understand them.

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