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Tinkerer's Quilt

Vanilla gameplay made Accessible, Discoverable, and Expressive - Quests for Vanilla, QOL, and balance - No new blocks, items, or worldgen


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To install Tinkerer's Quilt, visit our documentation which provides instructions on using ATLauncher, MultiMC, and PolyMC.

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Tinkerer's Quilt (TQuilt) is a minecraft modpack by Kapesi, Clawby, Herrah and Le'mer.
It focuses on Vanilla Gameplay, Accessibility, Discoverability, QoL, and Player Expression.

It's built on Quilt, and has Modrinth and Packwiz releases. Check out the Install Instructions

Here's what this pack is all about - It's Vanilla-World-Compatible, with no new items, blocks, or worldgen.

  • Designed to guide you through vanilla with in-game quests and info - you'll never need to open the wiki.
  • Built with a curated set of Quality of Life (QoL) improvements to ease the pains of vanilla.
  • Easier than vanilla with simplified gear crafting, reduced death penalty, and helpful quest rewards.
  • Invites player expression with better skins, Origins, and more ways to build.

[Unreleased] other editions...

Pack Features

Questing System

"It's like FTB Academy for Vanilla!" - Us, just now

TQuilt's quests guide players through the core progression of minecraft, and explore its main gameplay opportunities.

The Basics

The Basics covers core game progression - Simple quests with clear instructions, all the way to Beacons and Elytra.


Explore the main mechanics and content of Vanilla, categorised by Homesteading, Self-Defense, and Exploration.
Do you want to...

  • ⚔️ Know every weapon and kill every enemy?
  • 🏠 Make bases in many environments?
  • 🌾 farm anything and everything, including crops?
  • 🗺️ Explore the world and what's found there?
  • 🛠️ Craft the best gear in your own workshop?
  • 🛣️ Build transit infrastructure and achieve ludicrous speed?
  • ⚙️ Make terrifyingly complex machines and mechanisms?

Godseeking will guide you through it like a hand-holding in-game wiki. How many quests are there? uhhh


Some. [They reveal as you play to mitigate players getting overwhelmed]

These quests can help players discover these parts of the game, and have rewards to provide helpful shortcuts.
Complete all quests of a special interest to complete its Patron Quest for normally unobtainable rewards!


Quests are also home to information about the pack itself, as a helpful reference guide - no need to read this page!
Introduction quests cover's the pack's main features, while Discrepancies quests helps players know what isn't vanilla.

Homebrew Changes

We get it - packs that just throw mods together are no fun. Here's what we pulled together besides curation:


  • Origins Minus - A full set of origins optimised for simplicity, not balance.


    • Tinkerer's Smithing - Repair for no XP cost, lower repair cost with scrap, and upgrade tool materials.
      • Flattens mending power creep, encouraging players to keep "Sentimental" tools as much as they like.
      • Tool material upgrades cost the exact same as a fresh tool - but keep the enchantments.
      • Quicker tools with less waste - upgrade wood to stone to iron from the 2x2 crafting grid.


    • Switchy - Change your origin, skin, and more between presets with a single command.

switchy banner

  • Four data packs: (use this for downloads)
    • Tinkerer's Vegetarian (NBT) - recipes for potions, leather, books, and more, without killing passive mobs.
    • Tinkerer's Copper Beacons - Allows beacons made of unexposed copper blocks. A use for Copper and Wax!
    • Tinkerer's Human't (Origins) - Removes mention of "human" and "nitwit" from origins descriptions.
    • [WIP] Fresh and reworked Origins following TQuilt's design - Prioritizing simplicity over balance.
  • Mod Configuration:
    • 194 Quests over 6 categories in Base (FTB Quests)
      • Just as many flavour text subtitles - queer humour, observations, and a weird mix of references.
      • An unholy amount of quest descriptions - how to achieve the task, what the required items do, etc.
      • Meticulously symmetrical and categorized quest positioning. No really. Hours of it.
    • Tracking and removing mod feature-overlap. Also sorting out memorable keybindings, apparently.
  • Hyper-meticulous design nonsense - Curation (yes), playtesting, feature overlap, quest flow...
    • This is still an endorsement, promise.
    • There was a lot of notepad documents and messy organisation systems to get this done.
    • This project started in january 2021 as a skyrim-style "modding guide" for fabric. Not joking.
  • Pull Requests to other mods!
  • Reporting a tonne of bugs and incompatibilities to mod developers. And quilt developers.
    • That's an endorsement too.
    • Thanks everyone.

Features from Mods

All present minecraft modding is built on a decade of work from other people (and non-people, we don't discriminate).

The rest of the cool stuff is just us bringing together the work of great modders in the community.
Shoutouts are well-deserved here, so we're dropping links for all these major features.

Player Expression

Letting players express themselves with player customisation, builds, and even things like farming, cooking, and brewing, is a core tenet of the pack.

  • Ears - Improved skins with support for tails, horns, ears, claws, wings and more species/gender things!

  • Fabric Tailor - Swap your skin in-game. Great for plural systems.

  • Origins - Choose a player Origin, granting abilities, limitations, and maybe some euphoria (we don't know you)

  • Drogtor - Change your player name at any time with a command!

  • Player Pronouns - Set your pronouns in multiplayer to show in the player list.

  • Fabrication - A huge tweak mod. Includes allowing players to hide armor to show their skin with a command.

  • Presence Footsteps - Footstep audio redone - allows swapping between bi/quadrupedal, with winged options.

  • Carpet - A collection of tweaks. Here - it includes more dispenser functionality, for mechanics!

  • Fabrication - Many minor tweaks to improve minecarts and train systems - for transit lovers.

Usability and Accessibility

  • EMI - An advanced recipe book that lets players find information on any item, and help craft it.
  • What The Hell Is That? - Hold alt to see information on the block or mob you're looking at.
  • Notes - Allows players to take in-game notes about their plans, locations to revisit, etc.
  • Reacharound - Build midair bridges without sneaking, and even downwards stairs.
  • Project: Save The Pets! - Prevents pet harm and adds a pet revival system.
  • Horse Buff - Improves and protects horses, making them easier to take out on adventures.
  • Fabrication - A multitude of minor improvements, such as automatic block pickup and crawling.
  • You're In Grave Danger - Leaves a grave on death with your items and XP that won't de-spawn.
  • Apathy - Mobs are neutral on easy difficulty, and will only attack you if provoked.




  • Install PolyMC and Java 17 (on Windows? choose Windows-x64-JRE-17-.msi)

    • Alternatively, run winget install polymc and winget install --id EclipseAdoptium.TemurinJRE.17.
    • MultiMC is also supported on its development branch. Swap to this in settings-> launcher and restart.
  • Download Tinkerer's Quilt.

  • Drag and drop onto an open PolyMC/MultiMC window, press OK, and double click it to play!

    • When prompted for optional mods, press OK to continue, or customise to your liking first.

    • The pack will auto-update on every launch. To disable this, turn off custom commands in Edit Instance -> Settings.

Server Hosts

  • Download a TQuilt Server Version
  • Run Quilt Installer and select 1.18.2 and the latest non-beta loader version. Then click "install"
  • Run Update.bat to install the pack, then Start.bat to run the server

Modrinth Version

Users of the modrinth version can follow modrinth instructions, but will need to download and add (in order of importance):

Known Issues


    Accurate Maps
    Advancements Debug
    [Plus] Aileron
    Ambient Environment
    [Plus] Amplified Nether
    [Plus] Architecture Extensions
    Architectury API
    bad packets
    Balm (Fabric Edition)
    Better Biome Blend
    Better End Sky
    [Plus] Bits And Chisels
    [Modded] Botania
    [Plus] Campanion
    Cardinal Ice Boats
    Carpet Extra
    [Plus] Chalk (Fabric)
    CIT Resewn
    Client Tweaks (Fabric Edition)
    Cloth Config API
    Coyote Time
    [Modded] Create Fabric
    [Modded] CreatePlus
    Crunchy Crunchy Advancements
    Cull Less Leaves
    [Plus] Dawn API
    Dyeable Fishing Lines
    Dynamic FPS
    Dynamic View[Fabric]
    Ears (+ Snouts/Muzzles, Tails, Horns, Wings, and More)
    [Plus] Earth2Java
    Enhanced Block Entities
    Effective 💦
    Enhanced Attack Indicator
    Extended Clouds
    [Plus] Fabric Seasons
    Fabric Language Kotlin
    Fabric Shield Lib
    Fabric Tailor
    Falling Leaves
    [Plus] Farmer's Delight [Fabric]
    Farsight [Fabric]
    FTB Library (Fabric)
    FTB Quests (Fabric)
    FTB Teams (Fabric)
    [Plus] Fabric Waystones
    [Plus] Halfdoors
    [Modded] Hephaestus
    Horse Buff
    Hwyla Addon Horse Info
    Illuminations 🔥
    Iris Shaders
    Item Filters
    Item Model Fix
    Keep My Hand
    [Plus] Kiln
    Kiwi 🥝 (Fabric)
    Leaves Us In Peace
    [Plus] Lovely Snails
    LAN World Plug-n-Play (mcwifipnp)
    Loading Screen Tips
    [Plus] Meal API
    Memory Leak Fix
    Mod Settings for Fabric
    More Culling
    Mouse Wheelie
    [Plus] Nature's Compass
    Nbt Crafting (Fabric)
    NoRecipeBook (Fabric)
    Not Enough Animations
    Notes Fabric
    Ok Zoomer
    Open Loader
    Origins Minus
    [Plus] Overweight Farming
    [Modded] Patchouli
    Player Pronouns
    [Plus] Polaroid Camera
    Portable Crafting Standalone
    Presence Footsteps
    Project: Save the Pets!
    [Plus] Promenade
    Quilt Standard Libraries
    Quilt Loading Screen
    Reese's Sodium Options
    [Plus] Rusted Iron
    [Plus] Sandwichable
    Simple Fog Control
    Smooth Boot (Fabric)
    Snow! Real Magic! ⛄ (Fabric)
    Sodium Extra
    Starlight (Fabric)
    Status Effect Timer
    Styled Player List
    Switchy Inventories
    Tax Free Levels
    [Plus] TerraBlender (Fabric)
    [Plus] This Rocks!
    Tinkerer's Smithing
    Tinkerer's Statures
    Totem Anywhere Standalone
    [Plus] Traveler's Titles (Fabric)
    [Plus] Trinkets
    True Darkness
    [Plus] Universal Ores
    WTHIT Plugins
    You're in Grave Danger
    Your Options Shall Be Respected (YOSBR)
    [Plus] YUNG's API (Fabric)
    [Plus] YUNG's Better Desert Temples (Fabric)
    [Plus] YUNG's Better Dungeons (Fabric)
    [Plus] YUNG's Better Mineshafts (Fabric)
    [Plus] YUNG's Better Strongholds (Fabric)
    [Plus] YUNG's Better Witch Huts (Fabric)
    [Plus] YUNG's Extras (Fabric)

Jar mods:
    [Plus] Antique Atlas
    [Plus] Auroras Decorations 1.0.0 1.18 (Unreleased)
    Blanket Client tweaks 1.0.4
    colormatic 3.1.2-snapshot 1.18.2.jar (Create Compat)
    fogbox 1.2.0
    inspecio 1.4.2 (Show repair cost)
    inventorytabs 0.9.0-1.18.x
    LambDynamicLights 2.1.1limitless1.18
    NoFade (1.18.2)
    Realistic Fishing (1.18.2)

Resource Packs: 
    Colored Axolotl Buckets With Babies
    Varied Connected Bookshelves
    xali's Enchanted Books
    Sully's Peeves
    Vanilla Tweaks

Shader Packs Recommended:
    BSL Shaders
    Complementary Shaders
    Complementary Reimagined Shaders
    Prismarine Shaders
    Sildurs Enhanced Default Shaders
    Super Duper Vanilla Shaders

Data Packs:
    Vanilla Tweaks
    [Plus] Nullscapes 1.1.1

Homebrew Data Packs:
    Tinkerer's Vegetarian
    Tinkerer's Copper Beacons

Other Editions

We're working on some companion editions to release... eventually. Currently hosted builds are for testers.

Base is designed to allow more experienced players to add extra mods.
Plus and Modded is simply us doing exactly that - to our own tastes!
The rest of this document focuses on Base, so here's a quick breakdown:

  • [WIP] Plus is a Vanilla+ extension of base.
    • Plus adds mods that expand on the Godseeking fields from base:
      • Homesteading - More farming/ranching, way more cooking, more building blocks, and more decorations.
      • Exploration - More traversal options, new nether/end, new biomes, new structures, and a seasonal world.
      • Combat - Spears, chef's knives, and... compact mechanically propelled halfdoors? Plus new dungeons.
  • [WIP] Modded an extension of plus, adding personal favourite large mods
    • Each mod is larger, with a complex progression equivalent to Base's The Basics tree, and then some.
    • Botania - Collect mana, power magic flowers, and study the elves in this beautifully simple magi-tech mod.
    • Create - Build steampunk masses of driveshafts, pistons, and conveyors in this larger-than-life old-tech mod.
    • Hephaestus - Tinker's Construct 3 is our favourite tool/weapon rework - ever.

Special Thanks

Emi (EMI)
Una (Fabrication, Ears, Drogtor the Nickinator)
Andrew6rant (Inventory Tabs)
QuiltComm and unascribed's Guild Discords
Beta-testing Queer Pluralfolk
Bleu (for drawing the Kapesi headshot used in the icon)


Vanilla Tweaks:
OriginsPlus and Lepus: Dan's Other Clone