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Difficulty Lock

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🔒 Sets the difficulty to peaceful/easy/normal/hard in any (new) world, optionally locked.


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Requires the library mod Collective.

Difficulty Lock is a minimalistic configurable mod which adds an easy way to configure the difficulty in all (new) worlds. Can be useful for modpacks, or just in your singleplayer experience if you have a default difficulty you always play with. 

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
The priority shows how the mod handles when multiple gamemodes are set to true in the config. E.g. if all are enabled all new worlds will be peaceful.
 (default = false): Priority 1: Sets the difficulty in any world to peaceful when enabled.
forceEasy (default = false): Priority 2: Sets the difficulty in any world to easy when enabled.
forceNormal (default = false): Priority 3: Sets the difficulty in any world to normal when enabled.
forceHard (default = true): Priority 4: Sets the difficulty in any world to hard when enabled.

shouldLockDifficulty (default = true): When enabled, locks the difficulty in any world so it cannot be changed.
shouldChangeDifficultyWhenAlreadyLocked (default = false): When enabled, also sets the difficulty in worlds where it has already been locked.

With the default configuration, all worlds will be set to hard with the difficulty locked:


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