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dixta's Armory aims to improve the combat experience by greatly enhancing the arsenal of gear that the player can choose from. The mod currently adds 14 brand new Vanilla-styled weapons for all materials. All of them have different stats, properties and abilities that make every weapon feel unique while still fitting in with the rest of the game. Their abilities allow them to be useful in different situations, so there will no longer be one weapon, which is the best for every situation. Instead, you can thoughtfully pick a weapon, which suits your need, and often even use multiple weapons for a powerful combination.

All of the larger weapons have different textures for the GUI and 3rd person, so that they have the same resolution as other items in both perspectives.

This mod is meant to be played with Shield Expansion Expansion.

Recommended mods

Shield Expansion Expansion - Adds two new types of shields for every material tier.
Better Combat - Adds new combat animations and mechanics.
Model Gap Fix - Fixes the small gaps appearing in items. This is a Vanilla bug, but tends to be a bit more noticable with the larger size of some of the weapons.

Compatible mods

Shield Expansion Expansion - Full compatibility
Better Combat - Full compatibility
Oreganized - Full compatibility
Enlightend - WIP compatibility
Caverns & Chasms - Planned compatibility
Undead Unleashed! - Planned compatibility

I plan on adding some more, but these are the ones I want to do first.

Current features

A very fast weapon able to deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. The 'Quick Strike' ability allows the wielder to attack enemies faster than usually possible. However, it has a significantly reduced attack range and sweeping radius.

A faster alternative to the sword. It has a reduced attack range, decreased damage and a slightly reduced sweeping radius, but is faster than a regular sword. Due to the lower range it requires more precise timing to hit enemies without getting hit back.

A slower alternative to the dagger. It has similar properties to the dagger but is a thrusting weapon, so the wielder can't perform sweeping attacks. It has a relatively low chance to deal extra armor-piercing damage with the 'Armor Piercing' ability and allows to attack enemies faster than usual with the 'Quick Strike' ability.

An agile slashing and thrusting weapon. Due to its fine blade, its damage is very effectively blocked by armor, so it will deal extra damage if the enemy isn't wearing any armor with the 'Unarmored Bonus' ability.

A fast and powerful sword. Due to its long blade it has a slightly increased attack range, sweeping radius and sweeping damage. If it isn't held with both hands it will be slower and deal less damage, if a heavy item is held in the offhand it will become practically unusable.





Battle Axes\






Will this mod be available for other versions?
Yes, I plan on porting the mod to 1.19.2 and any newer, popular version.

What modloader is this mod for?
It's currently only available for Forge. Depending on how popular the mod is going to be, I might consider porting it to Fabric.

Can I use this mod in my modpack?
Yes, absolutely!


If you have any bugs that you want to report, suggestions, questions or just want to chat, feel free to join my Discord server

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