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Entity Texture Features

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Emissive, Random & Custom texture support for entities in resourcepacks just like Optifine but for Fabric


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A Minecraft Fabric & Forge Mod enabling random, emissive, & blinking textures for Mobs, Skins and much more...

compatible with the Optifine Format & Sodium :)

~ Now with block entity support

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What does this mod do? πŸ€”

This Client-side Fabric mod adds support for a bunch of entity texture features, including Optifine Features, that can be set in compatible Resourcepacks or Player skins.
This allows most Optifine Resourcepacks to be used on Fabric, as long as they change Textures only, for Custom models (Like Fresh Animations) you will also need the Custom Entity Models Mod and it's Dependencies.
For more Fabric Optifine alternatives Click [here]

The features of this mod so far:

  • 🎲 Custom & Random entity textures just like Optifine & compatible with Optifine Resourcepacks. (Customised just like Optifine, by Biome, Name, Height, etc. with even more properties)
  • πŸ’‘ Emissive/Glowing entity textures just like Optifine & compatible with Optifine Resourcepacks.
  • πŸ˜‘οΈ Blinking mobs
  • πŸ”± Custom Trident textures
  • 🎨 Player Skin Features & Additions, including support for most of the above features

Everything can be enabled or disabled in the config or Mod Menu settings


  • βœ…ALL! Optifine Random / Custom or Emissive Entity resourcepacks
  • βœ…Custom Entity Models (CEM) (fully compatible) (keep in mind CEM is in ALPHA and doen't support every model)
  • βœ…Sodium (fully compatible)
  • βœ…Mod Menu & Clothconfig - optional
  • βœ…Iris Shaders (fully compatible) (Support varies depending on the shader)
  • βœ…Mod added entities (only if the mod creator used the vanilla rendering code to render their mobs)

Wiki & How to guides

🎲 Random / Custom entity textures - [Optifine]

  • For custom & random entity textures to work you can use a resource-pack that supports the Optifine format for custom / random textures, including all Biome, Height, Name, etc properties settings. and even more added by ETF

πŸ’‘ Emissive entity textures - [Optifine]


🎨 Player skin features

img img img

  • Player skins can use emissive, blinking, enchanted, transparency texture features, as well as other things like capes & jacket / dress extensions.
  • these are 100% optional, controlled by the skin file you upload to Mojang, and options to prevent abuse of features in PVP
  • Follow this guide to use these skin features

πŸ˜‘ Blinking feature

  • Allows a textures to be set by a Resource-pack so that mobs can Blink randomly over a set period
  • Mobs will blink periodically if they have a texture named "TEXTURE_blink.png"
  • Optionally you can also use a texture named TEXTURE_blink2.png" with the eyes half closed to have a smoother animation for large eyes like creepers
  • Random blinking frequency can be altered in settings
  • Sleeping mobs will have their eyes closed if possible
  • Mobs with the Blindness potion effect will have either their eyes closed or half closed depending on what is available
  • Player skins can support blinking, see player skin features...
  • Resource-packs can set specific blinking length and frequency per texture via properties files next to the blinking texture, see below:

Settings & Configuration

  • Settings can be changed in-game with Mod Menu, or the config file can be found at config/entity_texture_features.json
  • A few of these options can also be changed via the Puzzle mod

Mod Support

  • This mod should be compatible with any Mod added entities as long as they extend LivingEntityRenderer.class for rendering and utilise it correctly
  • Any mod displaying an entity in a custom gui can force the default texture by either making the entities UUId = UUID.nameUUIDFromBytes(("GENERIC").getBytes()) or by making its co-ords exactly 0,0,0
  • Settings can be altered ingame with Mod Menu
  • fully supports iris but can vary between shaders
  • fully sodium compatible

Known Bugs

  • Fresh animations also requires the Custom Entity Models Mod and it's Dependencies. and not all mobs are fully supported.

  • if you are experiencing LAG please check your most recent log file to see if any errors are being logged, sometimes an incorrectly written properties file or missing textures may lag the system.

  • Please check any issue is not actually a problem in the properties file, a few packs seem to be pointing to textures that don't exist.

  • So far all Mob Entities support Random & Emissive textures though there may still be some quirks, if you find bugs you can reach me on the mod's Discord

  • Complimentary shaders has it's own inbuilt emissive textures that usually work fine but will conflict with some resource-packs (you can disable either complimentarys emissives or my mods emissives to fix this).