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Entity Texture Features

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πŸ€” What does this mod do?

ETF is a Fabric (Quilt compatible) & Forge mod that adds many new Entity Texture Features, including entity and player skin features! This way, ETF achieves more OptiFine parity on the Fabric mod loader. If you want more OptiFine features on Fabric, you can either check this list, made by LambdaAurora, or you can use the Fabulously Optimized modpack, which includes all the OptiFine parity mods!


  • 🎲 Custom & random entity textures with the OptiFine format, including even more properties!
  • πŸ’‘ Emissive/glowing entity textures with the OptiFine format
  • πŸ˜‘οΈ Blinking mobs
  • 🎨 Player skin features


  • OptiFine's random/custom or emissive entity resource packs - βœ… Fully compatable
  • Entity Model Features (EMF) - βœ… Fully compatible
  • dorianpb's CEM mod - βœ… Fully compatible
  • Sodium - βœ… Fully compatible
  • Iris Shaders - βœ… Fully compatible
    (Support varies depending on the shader)
  • Mod added entities - βœ… Compatible
    (Only if the mod creator used the vanilla rendering code to render their mobs)

Settings & configuration

  • Settings can be changed in-game using Mod Menu, the settings button in the resource pack screen, or by editing the config file, located under config/entity_texture_features.json
  • A few of these options can also be changed via the Puzzle mod

Mod support

  • This mod should be compatible with any mod added entities as long as they extend LivingEntityRenderer class for rendering and utilise it correctly
  • Any mod displaying an entity in a custom GUI can force the default texture by having the entity.getblockstate set to either null or of type VOID_AIR, the same can be achieved by settings the display mob's UUID to UUID.nameUUIDFromBytes(("GENERIC").getBytes()).


My entities are invisible/broken!

Custom Entity Models is not a feature provided by ETF. If your entities are invisible or look corrupted you'll need to instal my other mod Entity Model Features EMF as well (this includes resource packs such as Fresh Animations). Keep in mind that the CEM mod is still in alpha development and may still occur issues.

Blocks and items are not emissive!

ETF does not support emissive block and item texture, for that you'll need to install Continuity.

My game is lagging, help!

If you are experiencing lag please check your most recent log file to see if any errors are being logged, sometimes an incorrectly written properties file or missing textures may lag the system.

It doesn't work!

Check if any issues are not actually a problem in the properties file, a few packs seem to be pointing to a texture that doesn't exist. So far all mob entities support random & emissive textures, but there may still be some quirks. If you find bugs you can either report them in GitHub or get support in the Discord server (linked on the top of the page).

Emissives are broken with Complimentary shaders, what do I do?

Complementary shaders has its own in-built emissive textures that usually work fine but will conflict with some resource packs. You can either disable Complimentary's emissives or ETF's emissives to fix this.

My question isn't here!

Feel free to check ETF's Discord to ask your questions or check the FAQ there :)

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This mod is under the GNU Lesser General Public License, v3.0.

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