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Expanded Storage


Adds new storage content to minecraft.

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Expanded Storage

This mod adds new storage containers. Namely: chests, old chests, barrels and mini chests.

All but the mini chests are like vanilla containers but can store more items.

For recipes please use a recipe viewing mod like EMI or REI.

Below is more detailed information regarding the mod however please note not all tiers / themes are available for all storage types.

  • Wooden: can store 27 items. (1 chests worth)
    Consists of the following cosmetic themes:
    • Wooden - made out of wood.
    • Pumpkin - made out of pumpkin.
    • Present - has different gift wrap textures depending on variant.
    • Bamboo - made out of bamboo.
    • Moss - made out of moss, can be bone-mealed to spread.
  • Copper: can store 45 items. (just under 2 chests worth)
  • Iron: can store 54 items. (2 chests worth)
  • Golden: is liked by piglins, can store 81 items. (3 chests worth)
  • Diamond: can store 108 items. (4 chests worth)
  • Obsidian: is blast proof, can store 108 items. (4 chests worth)
  • Netherite: is fire-resistant and blast proof, can store 135 items. (5 chests worth)
Modelled chests Picture of modelled chests
Modelled chests act identical to vanilla chests however can generally hold more items.

They can also merge vertically and horizontally in the long direction to form tall and long chests in addition to vanilla's double chest (wide chest) and single chest.
Old chests Picture of old chests
Old chests are like the modelled chest in visuals however occupy the whole block and do not have any kind of opening animation. These may be better for you than modelled chests as not having a block entity renderer means they will have less impact on your fps.
Barrels Picture of barrels
Barrels like full cube chests don't have a block entity renderer, so they will result in better fps over the modelled chests if you have a bunch of them in one area, otherwise they are functionally identical to vanilla barrels just with more inventory space.
Mini storage blocks Picture of mini chests Picture of iron mini chests Picture of mini barrels
Mini storage blocks are like chest and barrels but mini, they all can only hold 1 item and are ideal for gifting things to other players :D

Note: not all styles are craft-able and will need a Storage Mutator renamed to Sparrow to unlock.

Tools Picture of the storage mutator

The storage mutator is a tool to configure chest and other storage containers in world.

It currently consists of 4 modes, note not all modes are applicable to all storage types:

  • Merge: Allows merging of two adjacent chests or old chests into a double chest.
  • Split: Allows splitting a double chest into two single chests.
  • Rotate: Allows rotating any storage container, note chests are limited to horizontal rotations.
  • Swap theme: Allows changing the theme of the storage container, this only works for themes in the same tier.
Conversion kits Picture of some conversion kits
Conversion kits can be used to convert blocks already in world to a different tier.
Whilst only some conversion kits are pictured above others do exist for example wooden to netherite conversion kit.
Contributors Current Version:
  • Mod code and texture assets - Ellemes
  • Mod icon and other item / block renders - Isometric Renderer mod
  • Pumpkin chest textures - Yoghurt4C, these textures, for the modelled chest only, are public domain.
  • Christmas chest textures - Yoghurt4C, these textures, for the modelled chest only, are public domain.
  • Bamboo chest textures - Yoghurt4C
  • Moss chest textures - ClockworkVulpine
  • Previous mod icon - Hambaka
  • Russian translations - Romz24
  • French translations - Wombhy
  • Dutch translations - ClockworkVulpine
  • Italian translations - Maicol
  • Brazilian translations - SeriousFreezing
Older versions:
  • French translations - Yanis48
  • Simplified Chinese translations - XuyuEre, updated later by qsefthuopq.
  • Traditional Chinese translations - Shedaniel
  • Spanish translations - jackcamilo406
  • Brazilian Portuguese translations - joaoh1
  • Settings button texture - sheepguard
  • Russian translations - Miros77

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