Fire Spread Tweaks

Fire Spread Tweaks


🔥 Disables the default firespread and makes fire go out after a configurable delay.

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Requires the library mod Collective. 

   This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.

Fire Spread Tweaks changes how fire behaves in the game.

In the vanilla game when you set the gamerule 'doFireTick' to false, it will prevent fire from spreading but those fires will also remain lit forever. I didn't want my buildings to burn down, but fire should also go out unless it's on top of netherrack, a magma block or soul sand. That's why this mod has been created.

The mod sets the gamerule 'doFireTick' on first world load to false, but also extends the feature by making the fires actually go out. There are multiple config values to give you control over how long the fire should burn. By default a fire burns randomized in between 10 and 20 seconds.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
timeFireBurnsInTicks (default = 300, min 0, max 72000): The time a fire will keep burning for in ticks. 20 ticks = 1 second.

enableRandomizedFireDuration (default = true): When enabled, uses the MinRandomExtraBurnTicks and MaxRandomExtraBurnTicks config values to randomize the time fire burns for.
minRandomExtraBurnTicks (default = -100, min -36000, max 0): If randomized fire duration is enabled, a random tick number will be chosen in between the minimum and maximum value. This will be added to timeFireBurnsInTicks. If the outcome is negative, it will be subtracted.
maxRandomExtraBurnTicks (default = 100, min 0, max 36000): See MinRandomExtraBurnTicks's description.

When fire is placed on top of netherrack, magma blocks or soul sand it will still remain lit forever:

Trees and other blocks can burn for some time, but blocks won't be destroyed:

Fires have a randomized burning time:


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