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[1.19] Jello - 4.0.0


Finally Jello has been updated to 1.19, sorry for the late update but comes with it a lot of minor API changes, mod compatibility with REI and Condensed Creative, and lots of bug fixes.


  • REI Support:
    • Recipe support for recipes pertaining to the Artist Palette, Custom Dyed Blocks and there Dye item.
    • Use Condensable Entries to cut down on the number of pages that jello adds.
  • Condensed Entries Support:
    • Clean up Jellos new Item Group tab where all the Block/Item variants are now stored.

Bug Fixes:

  • Implement Mixin Plugin for Mixins used for Mod Compatibility.
  • Fix Artist Palette Recipe allowing any Item to be used
  • Fix Cauldron rendering without a bottom due to Mojang's Json Model culling the bottom due to water typically being Opaque
  • Fix issue with sodium rendering Cauldron Water incorrectly

API Changes:

  • Split DyeableBlockVariant into DyeableItemVariant now allowing for just Item Variants to be made, with the inclusion of the new Dye Item Variant
    • This update has caused a lot of changes within the API and may still be broken with some JavaDocs being incorrect.
  • All Variants now contain a builder to hold the methods needed to create the variants to remove clutter of methods that will only be used on creation
  • [ NEW ]: LootTableInjectionEvent allows for someone to add new loot Tables during runtime of the game.
  • [ NEW ]: TranslationInjectionEvent allows for someone to add new translations during runtime of the game.
  • Minor Change to the LanguageProvider for more internal use within the TranslationInjectionEvent
  • Implement a Library for Algorithmic Pluralization of words.
  • Minor shuffle of classes and methods within some internal classes

*Both new Events only allow for adding and not removal/replacement of the existing Data


jello-4.0.0+1.19.jar(1.1 MiB) Primary Download

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