Hypixel Skyblock Mod for latest version (1.21)

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Updated15 days ago

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Hypixel Skyblock Mod for Minecraft 1.21

📖 Features

🏰 Dungeon Features
  • Fancy Party Finder GUI
  • Secrets Waypoint Highlight: Fully customizable
  • Minimap & Score
  • Starred Mob Glow
  • Croesus Helper
    • Highlight not opened chests
    • Profit calculator
  • Puzzle Solver:
    • Three Weirdos
    • Blaze
    • Creeper Beams
    • Quiz - Ouro the Omniscient
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Waterboard
    • Silverfish
    • Ice Fill
    • Boulder
    • Terminal:
      • Order
      • Coloured Items
      • Item Name
  • Rare Drop Special Effects
  • Chest Profit Calculator
  • F3/M3 Fire Freeze Staff Timer
  • F3/M3 Guardian Health Display
  • F5/M5 Livid Color Highlight
  • Reparty: Type /rp to reparty and enable auto-rejoin.
  • AOTV & Pearl Secret Waypoints
  • Player Secrets Tracker
  • Wither & Blood Door Highlight
  • Resourcepack recoloring textures in dungeons
  • score title and sound
  • Prevent teammates glow during Livid
  • Block Incorrect Terminal Clicks
  • Hide Soulweaver Skulls
🐉 Kuudra Features
  • Kuudra waypoints
    • Supplies
    • Supply Piles
    • Fuel Cells
    • Safe Spots
    • Pearl
  • No arrow poison warning
  • Low arrow poison warning
🛠️ Item and Armor Customization
  • Item Renaming
  • Custom Armor Dye Colors
  • Custom Armor Trims
  • Custom Animated Dyes
❤️ Health and Status Bars
  • Bars:
    • Health and absorption
    • Mana
    • Defense
    • XP
  • Vanilla health/xp and fancy bar shown in parallel
⛏️ Dwarven Mines / Crystal Hollows / Glacite Mining
  • Dwarven Mines Solver:
    • Fetchur
    • Puzzler
  • Crystal Hollows
    • Crystal Hollows Map
      • Shows players location in Crystal Hollows
      • Highlights important waypoints in Crystal Hollows
    • Crystal Hollows Waypoints
      • Shows waypoints for special locations
      • Find locations in chat messages
      • Share waypoints
    • Metal detector helper
  • Glacite Tunnels
    • Cold Overlay
  • Commission HUD
    • Provides information on Dwarven Mines / Crystal Hollows / Glacite Mining quests
  • Powder HUD
  • Ordered Waypoints
🌀 Rift Features
  • Mirrorverse Waypoints
  • Enigma soul waypoint
  • Blobbercysts Glow
🕷️ Spider's Den Features
  • Hidden Relic Helper
⚔️ Slayer Helper
  • Vampire:
    • Effigy Waypoints
    • Healing Melon Indicator
    • Twinclaws Ice Indicator
    • Steak Stake Indicator
  • Enderman:
    • Beacon Highlighting
    • Yang Glyph Notification
    • Nukekubi Head Highlighting
🌱 Garden Features
  • Farming HUD
    • Counter
    • Crops/min
    • Coins/h
    • Blocks/s
    • Farming Level
    • Farming XP/h
    • Yaw and Pitch
  • Visitor Helper
    • Buy items that visitors require from bazaar by clicking the text
    • Copy amount to clipboard
  • Disable title and chat messages for Melon/Pumpkin Dicer
  • Basic garden mouse locking feature (set mouse sensitivity to 0)
🌟 Visual Enhancements
  • Compact damage
  • Waypoints for commissions in dwarven mines and glacite tunnels
  • Fancy Tab HUD: Fully configurable with a resource pack.
  • 1.8 Hitbox for Lever and Farmland
  • Hide Status Effect Overlay
  • Personal Compactor/Deletor Preview
  • Hide Fake Players in Social Interactions Screen
  • Item Rarity Backgrounds
    • Circle or Square
  • Item Cooldown Display
  • Configure Fire-Overlay Height
  • End HUD Widget
    • Zealots
      • Since last eye
      • Total zealots kills
      • Avg kills per eye
    • Endstone Protector
      • stage
      • Location
  • Ender Nodes Helper
🖥️ User Interface Enhancements
  • Search overlays for bz and ah
  • Slot Text
    • Attribute Shard Info Display
    • Catacombs level
    • Collection level
    • Enchantment book level
    • Minion level
    • Pet level
    • Potion level
    • Prehistoric egg blocks walked
    • Rancher's boots speed cap
    • Skill level
    • Skyblock level
    • Essence Shop
    • Your Essence
    • Power Stone Guide
    • Stats Tuning
  • Drill Fuel and Pickonimbus 2000 in Item Durability Bar
  • Hotbar Slot Lock Keybind: Select the hotbar slot you want to lock/unlock and press the lock button.
  • Item Tooltip: (Provides information on)
    • NPC Sell Prices
    • Motes Prices
    • Bazaar (average, lowest bin)
    • Auction House
    • Museum
    • Exotic Armor Identifier
    • Item Quality
    • Accessories Helper
  • Quicknav: (Fully customizeable) Fast navigation between pets, armor, enderchest, skill, collection, crafting, enchant, anvil, warp dungeon, and warp hub.
  • Recipe Book: Lists all Skyblock items in the vanilla recipe book, allowing you to see the recipe of the item.
  • Backpack Preview: After clicking your backpack or enderchest once, you can hover over the backpack or enderchest and hold Shift to preview its contents.
  • New Year Cakes Helper
  • Fancy Crafting Table
  • Info Screen
  • Fancy Auctions Browser
  • Calendar Event Notifications
  • Sign calculator
🌾 Barn Features
  • Barn Solver:
    • Treasure Hunter
    • Hungry Hiker
💬 Chat Features
  • Custom Chat Rules
  • Warp command auto-complete
  • Hide Messages:
    • Ability Cooldown
    • Heal
    • Aspect of the End (AOTE)
    • Implosion
    • Molten Wave
    • /show command
    • Teleport Pad Messages
    • Sky Mall
🔍 Miscellaneous Solvers
  • Experiments Solvers
  • Fishing:
    • Helper (Includes sound notifications)
    • Fishing rod timer (change color after 20 seconds)
    • Hide other rods
  • Mythological Ritual Helper
  • Chocolate factory Helper
🛸 Miscellaneous Features
  • Roughly Enough Items (REI) and EMI Support
  • Item Protection
  • Discord Rich Presence: Allows users to show their Piggy, Bits, or location, along with a custom message.
  • Wiki Lookup: Press F4 to open the wiki page about the held item.
  • OptiFabric Compatibility
  • Waypoints API
  • Config Button in Skyblock Menu
  • ChestValue
  • Add useful tips in chat
  • Suppress badlion packet warnings
  • Remove screens when switching island
  • Skin transparency correction

🔧 Configuration

Open the config menu with /skyblocker config
or through Mod Menu

Config Options

Config option Description
Enable Tips
Auto accept Reparty Auto accept Reparty
Better Party Finder
View backpack preview without holding shift Preview on hover
Enable Comactor/Deletor Preview Preview on hover
Hide empty item tooltips in menus
Hide Status Effect Overlay
Correct Transparent Skin Pixels transparent alpha values of pixels are shown transparent now
Fancy tab HUD
Config option Description
Enable fancy tab HUD
Scale factor of fancy tab HUD
Plain Player Names display names without any special formatting
Player Name Sorty Method default has no particular order. Alphabetical sort names alphabetically
Health, Mana, Defence & XP Bars
Config option Description
Enable Bars Change Minecraft health ui with skyblocker custom ui
Configure Bar Position Customize Bar Positions
Experiments Solver
Config option Description
Enable Chromatron Solver
Enable Superpairs Solver
Enable Ultrasequencer Solver
Fishing Helper
Config option Description
Enable Fishing Helper
Fairy Souls Helper
Config option Description
Enable Fairy Souls Helper
Highlight found fairy souls
Only highlight nearby fairy souls radius of 50 blocks
Mythological Ritual Helper
Config option Description
Enable Mythological Ritual Helper
Item Cooldown
Config option Description
Enable Item Cooldown
Config option Description
Enable Shortcuts
Enable Command Shortcuts
Enable Command Argument Shortcuts
Shortcuts Config Open new window to configure shortcuts
Config option Description
Enable Waypoints
Waypoint Type
Quiver Warning
Config option Description
Enable Quiver Warning
Enable Quiver Warning In Dungeons
Enable Quiver Warning After a Dungeon
Item List
Config option Description
Enable Item List Acitvate recipe viewer
Item Tooltip

Customize Item tooltip

Config option Description
Enable NPC Price
Enable Motes Price
Enable Avg. BIN Price
Average Type
Enable Lowest BIN Price
Enable Bazaar buy/sell Price
Enable Obtained Date
Enable Museum Info
Enable Exotic Tooltip
Item Info Display
Config option Description
Attribute Shard Info
Item Rarity Backgrounds
Item Rarity Background Style Choose between a circular or a square background style
Item Rarity Background Opacity
Item Protection
Config option Description
Slot Lock Icon Style choose between fancy or classic slot lock icon
Wiki Lookup
Config option Description
Enable Wiki Lookup press f4 to open the wiki page pof the hovered item
Use Official Wiki
Chest Value
Config option Description
Enable Chest Value Adds a button in containers to calculate the value of a container
Chest Value Color
Incomplete Color
Special Effects
Config option Description
Rare Dungeon Drop Effects
Config option Description
Enable 1.8 farmland hitbox Change hitbox to the 1.8 one
Enable 1.8 lever hitbox Change hitbox to the 1.8 one
Title Container

Used to display multiple titles at once, Example use: Vampire Slayer

Config option Description
Title Container Scale
Title Container Placement Config
Teleport Overlay
Config option Description
Enable Teleport Overlays
Enable Weird Transmission Overlay
Enable Instant Transmission Overlay
Enable Ether Transmission Overlay
Enable Sinrecall Transmission Overlay
Enable Wither Impact Overlay
Flame Overlay
Config option Description
Flame Height
Flame Opacity
Config option Description
Croseus Helper Gray out chests that have already been opened
Enable Map Map
Dungeon Map Placement Config
Map Scaling
Player Secrets Tracker Tracks the amount of secrets people in your dungeon run are doing
Starred Mob Glow Applies the glowing effect to starred mobs that are visible
Solve Three Weirdos Puzzle Solver usefull in Dungeons
Solve Blaze Puzzle Solver usefull in Dungeons
Solve Creeper Beams Puzzle
Solve Trivia Puzzle Solver usefull in Dungeons
Solve Tic Tac Toe Puzzle
Solve Waterboard Puzzle Click the lever with green boxes to solve the puzzle
Fire Freeze Staff Timer (F3/M3) Display a timer when to use a Fire Freeze Staff in the boss fight
Guardian Health Display (F3/M3) Displays guardian health below them in the boss fight
Enable Dropping Protected Items Allows the use of class abilities in Dungeons while holding a protected item
Dungeon Secret Waypoints
Config option Description
Enable Room Matching
Enable Dungeon Secret Waypoints
Waypoint Type Waypoint: Displays a highkught and beam
Outlined Waypoint: Displays both a waypoint and an outline
Highlight: Only displays a highlight
Outlined Highlight: Displays both a highlight and an outline
Outline: Outlines the secret in a box.
Show Secret Text
Enable Entrance Waypoints
Enable Superboom Waypoints
Enable Chest Waypoints
Enable Item Waypoints
Enable Bat Waypoints
Enable Wither Essence Waypoints
Enable Lever Waypoints
Enable Fairy Soul Waypoints
Enable Stonk Waypoints
Enable AOTV Waypoints
Enable Pearl Waypoints
Enable Default Waypoints
Door Highlight
Config option Description
Enable Door Highlight
Door Highlight Type Look Waypoint Type
Dungeon Score
Config option Description
Enable Dungeon Score 270 Message Sends a message in chat whe reaching 270 score in dungeons
Enable Dungeon Score 270 Title Display a title when reaching 270 score in dungeons
Enable Dungeon Score 270 Sound Plays a sound when reaching 270 score in dungeons
Dungeons Score 270 Message
Enable Dungeon Score 300 Message
Enable Dungeon Score 300 Title
Enable Dungeon Score 300 Sound
Dungeons Score 300 Message
Enable Score HUD Displays the dungeon score in the HUD
Score Scaling
Dungeon Chest Profit Calculator
Config option Description
Enable Profit Calculator
Include Kismet Price
Include Essence
Neutral Threshold
Neutral Color
Profit Color
Loss Color
Incomplete Color
Mimic Message
Config option Description
Enable Mimic Message Sends a message in chat upon killing a mimic for other players score calculation mode
Mimic Message
Livid Color
Config option Description
Enable Livid Color Glow Applies the glowing effect to the correct Livid in F5/M5
Enable Livid Color Text Send the livid color in chat during the Livid boss fight
Enable Livid Color Title Display the livid color in title
Livid Color Text text wich will be sent in the chat
Terminal Solvers
Config option Description
Solve Selectect Colored Solver usefull in Dungeons 7
Solve Click In Order Solver usefull in Dungeons 7
Solve Starts With Solver usefull in Dungeons 7
Dwarven Mines
Config option Description
Enable Drill Fuel Drill icon
Solve Fetchur Solver usefull in Mines
Solve Puzzler Puzzle Solver usefull in Mines
Dwarven HUD
Config option Description
Style for HUD Simple: Shows name and percentage
Fancy: Shows name, percentage, progress bar and an icon
Classic: Shows name and percentage in a very simple box
Dwarven HUD Config...
Enable Background
Config option Description
Solve Hungry Hiker
Solve Treasure Hunter
The Rift
Config option Description
Enable Mirrorverse Waypoints
Blobbercyst Glow glowing effect to the Blobbercysts from the BACTE fight
Enable Enigma Soul Waypoints
Highlight Found Enigma Souls
McGrubber Sacks Used for calculating Motes sell prices
Spider's Den
Config option Description
Enable Hidden Relics Helper
Highlight found relics
[Beta] Enderman Slayer
Config option Description
Nukekubi Head Highlighting
Beacon Highlighting
Vampire Slayer
Config option Description
Enable Effigy Waypoints
Compact Effigy Waypoints
Effigy Waypoints Update Frequency (Ticks)
Enable Holy Ice Indicator
Holy Ice Indicator Delay (Ticks)
Holy Ice Indicator Update Frequency (Ticks)
Enable Healing Melon Indicator
Healing Melon Indicator Threshold (Hearts)
Enable Steak Stake Indicator
Steak Stake Indicator Update Frequency (Ticks)
Enable Mania Block Indicator
Mania Indicator Update Frequency (Ticks)
Quick Navigation
Config option Description
Enable Quick Navigation Enable Quicknav
Button 1-12
Config option Description
Render To show the tab
Item name The name of the item e.g. iron_boots
NBT NBT tag of the item e.g. custom head id on skull item
UI Title Title of the tab
Click event The command that is executed when you click the tab
Config option Description
Hide Ability Cooldown Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Heal Messages Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Teleport Ability Messages Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Implosion Message Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Molten Wave Message Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Ads from Public Chat Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Teleport Pad Messages Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Combo Messages Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Autopet Messages Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Show Off Messages Filters messages from the /show command
Hide Toggle Sky Mall Messages Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Mana Consumption Messages from Action Bar Activate or deactivate
Hide Mimic Kill Message Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Hide Player Death Messages Disable,Filter or Move to action bar
Discord Rich Presence
Config option Description
Enable Activate Discord Rich Presence
Skyblock Info Choose between Location,Purse and Bits
Cycle Skyblock Info Cycles between the three options
Custom Message Show a custom message

🖼️ Images

Click #Gallery for images to this mod


Installation Instructions
  1. Here is a tutorial how to install it easy with a launcher.
  2. Download the Skyblocker Modpack.
    • Drag and drop the .mrpack file into a Custom MC Launcher like MultiMC or Prism Launcher and start the new instance.

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