Skyblocker Modpack

Skyblocker Modpack


[Hypxiel Skyblock Modpack] This modpack includes common clientside utilities along with the skyblocker liap mod.

Client LightweightMultiplayer

Created2 years ago
Updated12 days ago

This modpack includes useful client-side utility and performance mods alongside the Skyblocker-LIAP mod.

This modpack is intended for the Skyblock game mode on

🔧 List of mods

open - 28 mods
Mods Description
Borderless Mining Changes Fullscreen to use a borderless window.
Capes Lets you use capes from OptiFine, LabyMod and other cape mods
CIT Resewn Re-implements MCPatcher's CIT (custom item textures from optifine resource packs)
Cloth Config API Configuration Library for Minecraft Mods
Continuity A Fabric mod that allows for efficient connected textures
Dynamic FPS Improve performance when Minecraft is in the background.
Entity Texture Features Emissive, Random & Custom texture support for entities in resourcepacks just like Optifine but for Fabric
Fabric API Lightweight and modular API
Fabric Language Kotlin Fabric Language Kotlin
Fastload Modifies how worlds are loaded to speed up loading times.
FerriteCore Memory usage optimizations
ImmediatelyFast Speed up immediate mode rendering in Minecraft
Indium Sodium addon providing support for the Fabric Rendering API, based on Indigo
Iris Shaders shaders mod
Memory Leak Fix A mod that fixes random memory leaks for both the client and server
MixinTrace Adds a list of mixins in the stack trace to crash reports
Model Gap Fix Fixes gaps in Block Models and Item Models
Mod Menu Adds a mod menu to view the list of mods you have installed.
More Culling A mod that changes how multiple types of culling are handled in order to improve performance
Ok Boomer A no-nonsense zoom mod for cool kids that want to look really close at explosions
OptiGUI A client side drop-in replacement for OptiFine custom GUIs
oωo (owo-lib) A general utility, GUI and config library for modding on Fabric and Quilt
Reese's Sodium Options Alternative Options Menu for Sodium
Skyblocker LIAP Hypixel Skyblock Mod
Smooth Boot (Fabric) Improve Minecraft CPU scheduling
Sodium Extra Features that shouldn't be in Sodium.
Sodium Modern rendering engine and client-side optimization mod for Minecraft
Starlight (Fabric) Rewrites the light engine to fix lighting performance and lighting errors

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