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Wired Redstone

Adds redstone wires and stuff


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Wired Redstone

Adds redstone wires and stuff

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This project is currently in beta. Expect bugs, missing items, and sometimes needing to use a command to fix things. Please make regular backups.

Wired Redstone & RSWires

Wired Redstone is based on RSWires by 2xsaiko, and is essentially a rewrite. However, Wired Redstone incorporates some rather large changes:

  • Uses LibMultiPart for multi-part wires instead of doing the multi-part logic itself, like RSWires does.
    • This means improved compatibility with other mods and the ability to do more complex things like having multiple kinds of wire in one block, but also carries the weight of a full multi-part system like LibMultiPart.
  • Has support for analog signals.
    • This means you can send more complicated signals, but it also means the mod spends more time calculating them.
  • Adds support for wires being cut off by things (i.e. not going through blocks when going around corners, being able to be blocked by facades, etc.).
    • This can be handy to keep red-alloy-wires from connecting, but it does mean more calculations, checking for things in the way of wires.
  • Makes some rather large optimizations to RSWires's wire-net engine that hopefully out-weigh the cost imposed by the other features added.
  • Adds gates.
    • These probably could be added to RSWires too, fairly easily, I just haven't gotten around to adding them and no one else has either.

Please go checkout RSWires if you haven't already.


Here is a picture of one of my dev worlds:
Dev World Image


As of version 0.3.0, survival-based recipes have been added. Most circuit components are crafted using a machine called the Redstone Assembler. Redstone assembler recipes are visible in REI and EMI.

The Redstone Assembler can be crafted in a normal crafting table like such:
Redstone Assembler Recipe

Redstone Alloy Ingots can be crafted in the Redstone Assembler:
Redstone Alloy Ingot Recipe

Red Alloy Wire can then be crafted:
Red Alloy Wire Recipe

Or Insulated Wire can be crafted:
Insulated Wire Recipe

Mod Integrations

Wired Redstone has integrations support for CC: Restitched, EMI, REI, and WTHIT.

CC: Restitched

Wired Redstone Bundled Cables can connect to CC: Restitched computers, allowing those computers to send and receive bundled signals.


Wired Redstone machines have recipe support in both EMI and REI.


Many Wired Redstone gates and wires will show extra information in the WTHIT HUD.

Powered by GraphLib

Wired Redstone uses GraphLib for managing its wires connections. Sometimes you might encounter a strange mod interaction or corruption caused by a crash that causes wires to stop behaving correctly. If something doesn't seem right, GraphLib has some commands that can help. These commands can be accessed via:

/graphlib <sub-command>


This mod is licensed under the MIT license. This means you can redistribute it, make derivatives of it, and include it in modpacks.