Your Items Are Safe

Your Items Are Safe


💀 Spawns a chest and armor stand with player items on death, a gravestone alternative.

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Requires the library mod Collective.

     This mod is part of The Vanilla Experience.
Your Items Are Safe is a mod which can function as an alternative to the existing gravestone mods, by using only vanilla blocks. When a player dies, it will keep their items from despawning. It does this by creating an armor stand with equiped gear and a chest with the items from the inventory. A sign will be placed on the chest with the player's name. If the inventory does not fit into one chest, another one above it is generated. The armor stand stands above the chest. All features can be turned on/off via the config.

To keep it balanced the chests and armor stand can only be created if the player has enough wood in its inventory. A chest requires either 2 logs, 8 planks or an actual chest. The armor stand requires 1 log or 3 planks. The mod searches for logs first, then planks, then chests. If it can't find the raw material needed, the chest and armor stand is not generated. If you'd like to always generate them, even without raw materials, this can be set in the config file as well.

The mod also contains the functionality to generate a player head and put it on the armor stand. This makes it easier to identify which player has died where. If the player had a helmet equiped, it is placed inside the chest. Enabled by default. But again, this can be disabled in the config.

Configurable: ( how do I configure? )
mustHaveItemsInInventoryForCreation (default = true): When enabled and a player dies without any items in their inventory, no chest or armor stand is generated.
addPlayerHeadToArmorStand (default = true): If a player head should be added to the armor stand. If a helmet is worn, this will be placed into the chest.
createArmorStand (default = true): Whether an armor stand should be created on death. If disabled, the player's gear will be placed inside the chest.
createSignWithPlayerName (default = true): Whether a sign should be placed on the chest with the name of the player who died there.

needChestMaterials (default = true): Whether materials are needed for the chest which spawns on death. This can be the actual chest or the costs in raw materials.
needArmorStandMaterials (default = true): Whether materials are needed for the armor stand to spawn on death. This can be the actual armor stand or the costs in raw materials.
needSignMaterials (default = false): Whether materials are needed for the creation of the sign when 'createSignWithPlayerName' is enabled.
ignoreStoneMaterialNeed (default = true): Only relevant if 'needChestAndArmorStandMaterials' is enabled. An armor stand needs 1 stone slab to be created, but I think it's alright to ignore that requirement. If enabled, no stone is needed in the inventory on death.

sendMessageOnCreationFailure (default = true): If a message should be sent if the chest or armor stand can't be created due to missing materials.
sendMessageOnCreationSuccess (default = true): If a message should be sent on successful creation of the chest(s) and armor stand.

creationFailureMessage (default = "Your items are not safe due to having insufficient materials. Missing: %plankamount% planks."): The message sent on creation failure with 'sendMessageOnCreationFailure' enabled. Possible replacement values: %plankamount%, %stoneamount%.
creationSuccessMessage (default = "Your items are safe at your death location."): The message sent on creation success with 'sendMessageOnCreationSuccess' enabled.

Some examples:
An armor stand and chest generated after death:

Two chests generated after death, because the inventory didn't fit in a single one:

One chest and an armor stand created after death:

The previous death results in the following:

Here the player has no wood in its inventory. The chest/armor stand is not generated:

The player does have some planks in its inventory, but not enough. This is shown in the chat via a message:

The inventory is completely full, so 2 chests are needed to store everything. Luckily the player has more than 19 planks:


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