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DeckCraft is a modpack designed specifically for Valve's Steam Deck that attempts to provide a very smooth out-of-box experience with big performance improvements, tweaks, and extra features. The aim of this pack is to provide an easy way for both new or experienced Deck users to play the game without having to go through a headache trying to change settings and install mods.

This pack is tested on the original Steam Deck, but it should also work well on the OLED models. If you aren't on the Steam Deck or a similar handheld, you should probably not use this pack as it may contain extra configurations and features not meant for your system.

📥 Installation guide

Please follow this tutorial on the wiki to figure out how to install the modpack. After you install the pack, you can figure out how to tweak things for more optimization and other things (this pack can't do everything by itself!) in the post-install section of the wiki.

➕ Features

📦 Seamless

DeckCraft is designed to give a seamless out-of-box experience, not requiring any settings or extra mods to play it - it's already tweaked for the Steam Deck. A few popular shaders are built-in so that you don't need to download them separately. You should be able to run most modern shaders at a stable framerate on the default settings. It should be completely compatible with servers as well!

🧪 Additive built-in

DeckCraft is built from a version of Additive tweaked specifically for the Steam Deck. It provides great performance improvements, OptiFine features, and more. View the Modrinth page for more information.

🔄️ Updates quickly

My goal is to keep DeckCraft up-to-date with the latest Minecraft releases, providing tested builds as soon as possible. Although the maintenance of the pack is solely done by me, I will make every effort to release updates promptly. However, please note that there may be some delays due to my limited time and motivation.

Currently, DeckCraft follows what Sodium does for releases - a set LTS version and the latest Minecraft version.

➡️ Note: This does not apply to snapshots most of the time. I do not bother as they can sometimes require lots of maintenance and come out too quickly.

⚙️ How it works

DeckCraft utilizes Controlify for controller support. It's built from a tweaked version of Additive, which grants great performance improvements and other features. Many configurations are changed for the Deck's hardware and software so that you can get a smooth experience out of the box, such as fullscreen setting enabled by default and some things like view bobbing disabled for easier viewing on a handheld.

🐛 Reporting Issues

Experiencing bugs, crashes, or other issues? Feel free to open an issue on the issue tracker.

❓ Frequently Asked Questions

For a few frequently asked questions, please visit the wiki. It also has a few other helpful resources that I suggest you read, such as troubleshooting info and more :)

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