Survivalpack-Cerium has been archived. Survivalpack-Cerium will not receive any further updates unless the author decides to unarchive the project.
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Welcome to Survivalpack-Cerium

modrinth fabric forge

A Vanilla+ adventure with RPG Elements!

This pack contains new world gen, structures, and better existing ones!

Jungleside River

With RPG Elements and new world gen, villages and biomes.. The difficulty will ramp up as you go! With new dungeons, new challenges, and a great world to explore!

Features Header

  • Beautiful world generation running William Wythers Expanded Ecosphere!
  • With over 350 biomes!
  • And over 100 new structures!
  • A new combat system!
  • Alot of new bosses, a harder Ender Dragon and Wither!
  • Tons of new mobs!

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If you're looking for legacy versions of Survivalpack, they are archived here.

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Theorem [ARCHIVE]




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