The Shadax Experience

The Shadax Experience


This is the Shadax official experience. A vanilla-plus style modpack which aims to include many new features in line with the create mods philosophy without compromising performance. This pack was made to play alongside Shadax.

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Created4 months ago
Updated3 months ago

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The official Shadax experience.

A vanilla-plus style modpack which aims to include many new features while maintaining the charming rustic, medieval fantasy elements of Minecraft. While occasionally breaking that mold for some mods I consider as must haves such as Applied Energistics 2 for storage.

The motivation behind the creation of this pack was that many other 'lightweight' packs neglect the few small tech mods I consider must haves, while the kitchen sink packs, I consider to be too bloated.

A few of the stand out mods include:

  • Create
    • Create needs no introduction
  • Create Aeronautics
    • COMING SOON... (once the mod releases)
  • Immersive Aircraft
    • Adds various simple flying devices that are not overly technical or powerful
  • Yung's Structure Overhaul Mods
    • Enhances many in game structures such as Nether Fortresses or Strongholds
  • Naturalist
    • Adds many new mobs into the world
  • A suite of performance enhancing mods such as Sodium
  • Many visual enhancement mods to liven up Minecraft's graphics

Create Mod

Immersive Aircraft

Barely Default x Fresh Animations

This pack features both the Fresh Animations and Barely Default resource packs, by FreshLX and mushirmickeyjoe respectively. It also includes this compatability patch by the two of them.

They are both fantastic creators, so please consider supporting them on Patreon or donating.

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