KiaiMC is a simple plugin that enables players to receive XP in Kiai, a Discord leveling and XP bot, for their messages sent in-game.

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KiaiMC is a simple plugin that enables players to receive XP in Kiai for their messages sent in-game.

This plugin uses DiscordSRV as the linking system between your Minecraft server and Discord server, so make sure that you have it installed and setup using the linking.yml file in DiscordSRV's configuration, and have a chat channel set within Discord.

You can use the global channel you setup in DiscordSRV to add any multipliers or blacklists to in-game chat. User and role blacklists will be applied based on the Minecraft player's linked Discord account.


Installation of KiaiMC is simple. Drop the .jar file into your server's plugins folder, and restart the server. A config.yml file will be generated, and you can place an API token in there.

You can get a token to use for your application by joining our support server and posting in the #kiai-support channel there. We are working on a web dashboard to make this process automated, but in the meantime, you will need to provide the following:

  • A unique ID (typically your bot's ID)
  • An application name

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