Requires: TrainCarts, CTCommons and a MySQL-Database

Java-Version: 17 or above
Minecraft-Version: 1.17.1 or above

TC-Destinations is a plugin for Minecraft servers using SpigotMC, PaperMC or forks of these projects.
It serves as an add-on for the TrainCarts plugin and comes along with a bunch of features to manage destinations in a more advanced way.
It is very lightweight as database queries and network connections run completely asynchronously.

This plugin was developed for the CraftTogetherMC Minecraft server, see also: TC-Portals!

A big thank you and lots of love go out to TeamBergerhealer

Also, a lot of appreciation goes to the people behind Cloud and Adventure!

Dev-Builds: See here


  • Fancy paginated list of destinations (Works cross-server in a BungeeCord network)
  • Manage your destinations in a more advanced way
  • Teleport to your destinations
  • Set up multiple enter-messages with clickable texts using MiniMessage
  • Dynmap integration (A marker is created on the map for each destination)
  • Commands to get mobs on/off train(s).
  • All root-commands renameable
  • All texts can be customized

Choose your destination with /destination

Clickable paginated list of all your saved destinations /destinations

Set up multiple customized enter-messages (enterMessages.yml)

Commands & Permissions:

Select a Destination

Command Permission Description
/destination craftbahn.command.destination Shows basic information about using the command
/destination <name> craftbahn.command.destination Sets the specified destination to the currently selected train
/destinations [type] craftbahn.command.destinations Shows a list of all destinations
/destinations [type] [filter] craftbahn.command.destinations.filter Shows a filtered list of all destinations Filter flags: --server --player

Manage your destinations

Command Permissions Description
/destedit info <destination> [server] Displays detailed information about the specified destination
/destedit tp <destination> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.teleport Teleports the player to the specified destination
/destedit add <destination> <type> craftbahn.command.destedit.add Adds a new destination with the specified station type
/destedit remove <destination> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.remove Removes an existing destination
/destedit addmember <destination> <player> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.addmember Adds a secondary owner to the specified destination
/destedit removemember <destination> <player> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.removemember Removes a secondary owner of the specified destination
/destedit settype <destination> <player> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.settype Specifies the type of specified destination
/destedit setowner <destination> <player> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.setowner Sets the owner of a destination
/destedit setprivate <destination> <player> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.setprivate Specifies that this target is private. Only players with permission craftbahn.destination.see.private can use and see it
/destedit setpublic <destination> <player> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.setpublic Sets this game to be viewable by all players. (This is the default setting for newly created destinations)
/destedit setwarp <destination> <player> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.setwarp Sets the teleport point of this target for players
/destedit setlocation <destination> <player> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.setlocation Specifies the position of the destination (Mainly used to locate dynmap markers)
/destedit updatemarker <destination> <player> [server] craftbahn.command.destedit.updatemarker Renews all markers to be displayed on the dynmap

Additional commands

Command Permission Description
/mobenter [radius] craftbahn.command.mobenter Allows animals around the selected train to board the train
/mobeject craftbahn.command.mobeject Ejects all animals from the selected train

Pathfinding across servers (BungeeCord)

If you're using TC-Portals to create cross-server portals, with a little extra work,
it is possible to reach destinations on another server.

For example, if you want to drive from server1 to a destination on server2,
you need to create a destination on server1 that leads to the portal, which leads to server2.
Let's name it server2 as well.

If you now run /destination to set a destination, for your train and the destination is
on another server, TC-Destinations will create a route for the train.
The route then firstly contain the destination: server2 and then afterwards,
the destination you want to reach.

Thats it!


Can I use this plugin without Bungeecord? Yes you can.
I don't want other servers' destinations to be listed. What can I do? Just use separate databases or table-prefixes for each server

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