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Minecraft's default in-game wording about chat reporting is technical, confusing and gives the assumption that chat reporting exists in every server. No Chat Reports' wording is also technical, biased towards negativity and very detailed. This resource pack fixes both by replacing those phrases with simple and unbiased, yet accurate phrases.

What this resource pack does

  • Change the tooltips on vanilla report buttons and chat indicators
  • Change the "messages can't be verified" warning toast
  • Change the "Only Show Secure Chat" label and tooltip
  • Change the description on vanilla report textbox
  • Change the status icons and tooltips on No Chat Reports
  • Ensures the phrases are short, clear and non-technical
  • Is available in several languages
  • Is an educational tool, not a protective one
  • Focuses on practical use cases and actual server behavior, not theoretical possibilities
  • Serve as an example and call to Mojang to improve transparency and clarity regarding this feature in the game
What this resource pack doesn't do
  • State, whether chat reporting is good or bad
  • Obstruct or mislead the meaning of any phrase
  • Edit the report icon or "Player reporting" button
  • Edit report or ban reasons
  • Edit the ban screen
  • Hide vanilla indicators or warning toast
  • Replicate the features of No Chat Reports or any other mod or plugin

What do the icons mean?

The icons are only shown when you have No Chat Reports installed. For vanilla chat indicators, hover the gray box on the left.

  • unknown - status not yet known, you must send one chat message to get it
  • disabled - chat reporting is disabled for everyone
  • optional - chat reporting is optional and you opt out
    • In some cases, it might be fully disabled but not reflected on the icon. You can confirm by seeing if you can report anyone on Social Interactions.
  • enabled - chat reporting is enabled for everyone
  • realms - only on Realms: chat reporting is enabled for everyone and everyone's chats are automatically monitored

Who is this resource pack for

  • Users, who don't understand how chat reporting works
  • Users, who don't understand when and where chat reporting works
  • Users, who are positive, neutral or slightly concerned about chat reporting
  • Users, who don't understand the technical terms of vanilla or No Chat Reports
  • Modpacks, that have been afraid to include No Chat Reports due to potential confusion or bias
  • Modpacks, that want to ensure users know about chat reporting and where it works
  • Parents, who want to ensure their children play on servers that enforce chat reporting
  • Realm owners, who want to know the limitations and requirements of Realms
  • Server owners, who enforce chat reporting and want to ensure users know how it works

Even more questions

Q: Do I have to use this with No Chat Reports?

A: No, though it is recommended to get more accurate status icons.

Q: Do I have to configure No Chat Reports a certain way to benefit from this?

A: It has to be enabled and not whitelisting by default to get the indicator icons, any other changes are up to you. You may configure it to skip prompts automatically (set "Default signing mode" to "On Demand") to make the experience smoother.

Q: Should I install No Chat Reports even if I like or strongly like the system?

A: If you want a clear, consistent indicator about whether chat reporting is active and enforced in the server you're in - yes. You can combine vanilla indicators (white bars on chat, warning toast, tooltips) as clues to get a similar assumption, but the mod is currently the only way to know for sure.

Q: Why is this not in No Chat Reports itself?

A: No Chat Reports' default phrases do a better job at describing the technical details and giving users traffic light-like indicators to assist on avoiding chat reports. This resource pack is meant to be a more neutral approach similar to Steam's "VAC-secured" indicator - any user can make their own call on whether seeing the shield icon is a bad or good thing. I really hope Mojang will implement something like this in the vanilla game one day.

Q: Does this replace every chat reporting-related phrase and icon?

A: No, only the minimum that is required for clear understanding.

Q: I don't see the changed phrase where I should see it.

A: That might be due to a lack of resource pack translation in your language, so default phrases are displayed as a fallback. Please contribute!

Q: Can I contribute translations to my language?

A: Yes, please do! Join the Crowdin project and start translating.

Q: Where can I learn more about chat reporting?

A: I have made a detailed writeup for my modpack Fabulously Optimized.

Q: Backports?

A: No. This is intended for Minecraft 1.19.4 and up, because both Minecraft and No Chat Reports have made some drastic changes compared to 1.19.3 and older.

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