Auto HUD

Auto HUD


A mod which dynamically hides parts of the user interface

Client Utility

Created2 years ago
Updated25 days ago

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Auto HUD is a Minecraft mod which hides parts of the user interface (HUD) that are currently not interesting.

It is inspired by similar mods ("immersive hud") for other games. I personally really like the clean view of no visible HUD, but get frustrated by the limitations of using F1 mode.

This is an opinionated rewrite of Head-down Display that never got updated.

NOTE: From version 4 on, Cloth-Config has been dropped. Now YetAnotherConfigLib is needed for an ingame configuration screen, but the mod will work fine without.


  • Toggle the whole HUD with a key binding.
  • Have parts of the HUD that haven't changed hide away.
  • Hide persistent, unchanging status effects, such as water breathing from the turtle helmet.
  • Show remaining time of status effects.
  • Highly configurable.

Visual differences to F1 mode

  • Player hand / equipped items remain visible
  • Player names remain visible
  • The vignette remains active
  • Incoming chat messages still pop up
  • Crosshair remains visible (see my other mod Dynamic Crosshair for that)
  • Configurable what elements are hidden


Fabric only

Mod Compatibility

This mod includes a modified version of magicus' Status Effect Timers, because I could not figure out how to dynamically insert my modifications into it. Since this mod allows for status effect icons to be hidden individually, the non-modified version will draw the timers in the wrong place.

Known to be compatible:

Known to be incompatible:

  • OptiFabric crashes due to mixin conflicts.
  • Any other mod that draws status effect timers should have that functionality disabled.
  • HUD elements created by other mods will most likely not be moved.
  • Bedrockify overwrites the status effect modifications. To get them working, disable the screenSafeArea mixin.
  • Running AutoHUD together with Exordium can cause visual issues

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