Plasmo Voice

Plasmo Voice

A proximity voice chat mod with audio positioning and lots of features

Client or server AdventureSocialUtility

Created a year ago
Updated 2 months ago

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Available for Spigot, Fabric, and Forge

Spigot, Fabric, and Forge servers are compatible with both Fabric and Forge clients.

Players need to install the Fabric or Forge mod on the client for the voice chat to work. Players without the mod are still able to join and play as usual.

Assuming Plasmo Voice is installed on both client and the server


Client features

  • RNNoise noise reduction.
  • OpenAL sound engine, great audio positioning.
  • Compressor & Limiter. Makes loud volume quieter, saving your ears from loud noises.
  • Compatibility with Sound Physics Fabric and Sound Physics Remastered
  • Change voice chat distance.
  • Optional sound-occlusion. Muffles the sound if blocks are in the way.
  • Priority speaking. Bind a separate push-to-talk button with a greater, adjustable distance. Requires permission.
  • Select output and input devices.
  • Choose between Push to Talk or Voice Activation.
  • Optional Directional Sources. Makes the sound source quieter if it's not looking directly at you.
  • Choose the position of the GUI icons and toggle the visibility of the player icons.
  • Mute and change the volume of the players in the Minecraft social menu.
  • Hold RBM while looking at the player, and then use the scroll wheel to adjust the volume.

Check out voice settings by pressing V. Make sure you have the right devices selected and your microphone is working.

Server features

  • Opus Сodec. Low traffic usage and higher quality.
  • Configurable voice distance.
  • Server muting with chat commands.
  • Option to kick players who don't have the client mod installed.
  • Permissions for priority, speaking, voice activation, and muting.
  • Permissions work on Fabric & Forge with the /vperms command.
  • Voice chat works in singleplayer and when using the Open to LAN feature.
  • Placeholder API support.
  • Vanish support.
  • Proxy support.