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This resource pack reworks the Minecraft font! My main intent was to make text feel more fantasy-esque and in line with the magical and medieval nature of the game! I think it's also a little bit more human and legible.

It also makes use of semi-transparent pixels for anti-aliasing. I've never seen any resource pack do this in the font texture before, so the results of how that gets rendered on your screen may vary...

Does not (yet) support diacritics/accents. I, err, delegated that work to future me...


You might receive an in-game "made for a newer version of Minecraft" warning if you're not playing on the latest version. You can freely ignore it if you're playing on a version the resource pack file is tagged with.

Doesn't always work well with mods, but at worst the font will look a bit different. Sometimes the translucent pixels render fully transparent... I don't know why. A resource pack can only change the texture, so I can't fix such a thing.


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