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VanillaXBR - 1.15


Hello! That's right, this pack is now simply for 1.15, please enjoy!

WARNING 2022: This version is horribly outdated and textures may look broken.

Full list of updates
-added 1.15 block textures
-fixed iron golem texture and converted it to 1.15
-added bee texure
-upgraded ui to 1.15 look 

- coarse, gravel, snow, side grass, and side path textures tile better
-fixed chest textures
-fixed enchanted item glint
-the underwater overlay is now in xBR
-fixed up mob_effect textures
-coral textures now tile better
-bed textures are now seamless
-updated grass textures
-filled texture gaps in turtle egg texture
-vines now tile better
-log textures now tile better
-mossy cobblestone tiles better
-fixed horse patterns 

-fixed lever top
-fixed andersite tiling
-fixed grass edge thing
-tiled sand and red sand textures.
-tiled sandstone and red sandstone textures
-fixed creeper on chiselled sandstone texture.
-mycelium tiles better
-fixed wool tiling
-dirt top tiles better
-grass top tiles better
-diorite tile
-fix realms textures not appearing
-tweaked nonlatin european text
-banner patterns now use the alpha channel instead of black.
-removed textures for customized world type preset icons, except Isles.
-shield pattern textures now use alpha level for determining what gets the color, instead of the brightness.
-the ender dragon no longer has a separate texture for the bottom of its wing, and is XBR
-aliassed xp
-tiled glowstone
-fixed diamond on the side of enchantment table
-fixed zombie legs
-tall grass tile better
-removed white patches on breaking texture
-improved crossbow texture
-fixed advancement texture
-fixed top of cactus
-fixed missing pixels on side of turtle
-fixed arrows on villager trading UI 

-fixed seagrass texture
-tall seagrass textures have been fixed and tile better
-new logo!
-sharpened fatigue ui sword
-fixed small UI fatigue icon
-tweaked internet connection symbols
-fixed a few missing pixels on the redstone item
-improved banner patterns (texture bases)(minor renovation needed)
-improved shield patterns
-updated books on bookshelves
-fixed wood on the banner
-aliased stone sword
-aliased rain
-aliased llama designs
-stonecutter blade now looks more like its rotating
-removed text folder, including custom splash text
-removed unnecessary block models

-tweaked salmon
-tweaked cod
-aliased tropical fish
-tweaked puffer fish
-tweaked drowned
-tweaked husk
-tweaked wandering trader design
-tweaked mule
-tweaked zombie horse
-tweaked fox textures
-tweaked parrot textures
-tweaked bat
-tweaked blaze eyes
-tweaked ravagers eyes
-tweaked illagers and pillagers
-tweaked evoker fangs
-tweaked witch
-tweaked chicken
-tweaked zombie
-tweaked wither

-tiled all unedited block textures
-tiled coal block
-tiled end stone bricks
-tiled hay block top
-tiled melon side and top
-tiled stone brick and mossy stone brick
-tiled mushroom block inside and stem
-tiled brown mushroom block
-tiled snow
-tiled sponge and wet sponge
-aliased lilypad
-tiled end stone
-tiled obsidian
-tiled compressed ice
-tiled blue ice
-tiled normal ice
-tiled frosted ice cracking animation
-tiled redstone
-tiled terracotta
-tiled concrete powder
-tiled all primaries
-tiled lava and water textures
-tiled magma 

Originally Released: Dec 11th, 2019


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