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Introducing Plus- - the ultimate modpack for people who crave a little extra!

Featuring a bunch of new features, fixes and custom-made content, Plus- is designed to enhance your Minecraft experience. With this small, "vanilla+" modpack, you can expect a range of exciting additions that will take your gameplay to the next level.

One of the most notable features of Plus- is its world generation. With Overworld 2, Plus- can generate beautiful landscapes quickly and efficiently. This means you can spend more time exploring your new surroundings and less time waiting for the game to load.

Plus- features several biome mods such as Biome Makeover, Cinderscapes, Traverse, and Terrestria. These mods add a variety of new biomes to explore, including volcanic wastelands, mystical forests, and more. With these mods, you can experience even more diverse and breathtaking landscapes as you venture through your world.

Another great feature is the extensive item customization options available. You can now customize your gear with new modifiers, enchantments, and curses, allowing for more personalized gameplay. Plus-, also offers new advancements, which make it easier to discover new content, as well as offering new, harder challanges.

The recipe book has been upgraded as well, making it easier for you to craft your desired items. With dynamic recipe discovery, you can quickly learn new recipes by simply exploring the world.

Plus- has a range of other exciting features, including new mobs, enchantments, structures, and much more, which will keep you entertained for hours!

Little FAQ

What makes this pack different from other Vanilla+/Vanilla expanded packs?.

  • What makes Plus- different from other Vanilla+/Vanilla expanded packs is its unique approach to mod integration. Instead of simply replacing vanilla mechanics with mods, Plus- attempts to integrate the two, creating a more cohesive gameplay experience. For instance, instead of using REI, the pack uses the recipe book and categorizes every item, making it easier to navigate and understand.

Is this pack complete, or are there more features planned?

  • Plus- is currently in beta, so there are new updates and improvements planned in the future. With each update, the pack will become more refined and polished, offering you an even better Minecraft experience.

Can I use shaders with this pack?

  • The pack comes with the Iris mod, which is compatible with most shaders, so, yes.

Why 1.16.5?

  • Plus- uses Minecraft 1.16.5, because it's a stable and reliable version of the game that offers a wide range of mods.

Is this a "lite" version of your CurseForge pack?

  • This isn't a "lite" version of the CurseForge pack, the only difference is that Fruitful is not included.

Is this pack abandoned?

  • Yeah, pretty much. A 1.20/1.19.2 version is not out of the question, just not now.
Included Mods (1.16.5)

The talented developers responsible for these mods have made Plus- possible. If you appreciate their hard work, please consider making a donation to show your support.

Mod Donation Links
Disable Custom Worlds Advice
Advancements Debug
Advancements Enlarger*
Architectury API
Artifacts (Fabric)*
Better Recipe Books*
BLAST ๐Ÿ’ฃ* & GitHub
Biome Makeover
BM Cosmetic Hats Fix
Boring Backgrounds*
Candle Backport
Carpet-Mod without /player
Cave Biomes*
Chunk Saving Fix*
Cloth Config API
Compact Status Effects*
Cosmetic Armor
Curios API (Fabric)*
Dark Paintings*
Disable Custom Worlds Advice
Dynamic FPS
Enhanced Block Entities
Fabric API
Fabric Language Kotlin
Falling Leaves
Farmer's Delight [Fabric]*
Go Fish*
Harvest Scythes*
Iris Shaders
Item Model Fix (Fabric)*
KubeJS (Old)*
KubeJS UI (Old)*
Leaf Decay*
Make Every Biome Spawnable Lol*
Minecart Booster
Mod Menu
More Villagers [Fabric]*
Music Duration Reducer*
No Potion Offset (Fabric/Forge)*
Not Enough Crashes
Overworld Two*
Particle Rain*
Plus- tweaker
Presence Footsteps
Quick Shulker*
River Redux*
Save My Bed!
Save My Stronghold! (Fabric)*
Seamless Loading Screen
Smooth Scrolling Everywhere (Fabric)*
Snow Under Trees for Fabric
So I heard you were talking crap about Minecraft's combat?*
Trap Expansion (Fabric)*
Trinkets (Fabric)*
Wild World*
YUNG's API (Fabric)*
YUNG's Better Mineshafts (Fabric)*
YUNG's Better Caves (Fabric)*
* - Mods from CurseForge

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