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Nautilus3D is a Minecraft Resource-pack, mainly focused on 3D-Models with a vanilla style.

We aim to provide a highly polished pack with an emphasis on decorative blocks, strong optimization, and various little fixes.

For bug-reports & feature-requests please open an issue on our GitHub issue-page!


Noteworthy Features

  • Randomized blocks
    • Fully randomized bookshelves
    • Fully randomized chiselled bookshelves
    • Fully randomized ores
    • Fully randomized crops
    • Semi-random crafting table
  • Animated 3D Stonecutter
  • Epic Trident handmodel (requires OptiFine / EMF)
  • Flawless bushy leaves
  • Fully featured doors & trapdoors
  • Flawless rails
  • Sleek Hotbar & Icons
  • Themed GUI / Main-Menu


We always focus on the newest Minecraft version, but the pack should more or less work all the way back to 1.13.

We used to make separate editions of the pack for Minecraft 1.8 - 1.12, but ultimately decided to stop updating them some time ago. If you still play on Minecraft 1.8 - 1.12 you can find older Nautilus3D versions in the GitHub Release Archive folder.

All testing is done using the latest Vanilla snapshot, and the latest stable Fabric ( + Sodium & Iris). Optifine, and Forge should work just fine aswell.

Some special features (like the Trident) require OptiFine to work as intended. For Fabric you can use these alternatives:


The only thing really impacting the in-game performance are our fancy leaves and their variations. We tried our best to make them as fast as possible, while not compromising on their variety. If you're on Fabric/Sodium, we recommend using the "Cull Less Leaves" mod to get back a bit of performance.


I'ts been a high priority for us to make Nautilus3D play nice with the vast majority of shaders out there. That's also why we don't include any fancy flower / vegetation models, because that would look horrible combined with wind effects. (Also, it's really hard to make lol)

Additonally, due to Minecrafts dodgy ambient occlusion and complete lack of Anti-Aliasing, even basic shaders would make a great difference. This is especially visible on bushy leaves.

Our top picks are:


All these are in-game screenshots with colour-grading and a lens blur added in Photoshop

More screenshots on our Modrinth

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